10 Things That Made This Week Awesome

Sunday, September 28, 2014

Hello ladies, 
after a few months of not sharing 10 things that made my week awesome, I decided it was about time to start sharing them again.
I have to confess that I'm having quite a weird time a the moment, not really knowing what I want to do next and feeling like I'm stuck in a rut. So looking back on these things I wrote down during the week definitely helped to make me feel more relaxed and happy.

  • Seeing one of my oldest friends before she moves to Germany: One of my oldest friends is moving to Germany to study for her masters degree and I was over the moon that I was able to catch up with her before she left. We had a nice heart to heart chat and she opened my eyes to a few things. Cannot wait to go and visit her. 
  • Getting two empty palettes instead of one: A few weeks ago I ordered an empty makeup palette from Ebay, a replica of the famous Z palettes, and when I opened the package, I saw that I didn't just get one, but TWO palettes. The seller had some sort of a deal going on and I somehow managed to completely overlook it. It was definitely a nice surprise.
  • Heavenly weather on the first official day of Autumn: Autumn really graced us with some amazing, sunny weather. Unfortunately the whole week wasn't as sunny and warm, but it was still one of the sunniest weeks of September.
  • Cleaning my car: I finally came around to do it. I'm kinda ashamed to admit that I can't remember the last time I cleaned it. I definitely need to make an effort and do it more often.
  • Planning: I'm slowly planning my trip to London next month. I cannot wait to be reunited with my dream city and if you know about any hidden spots I shouldn't miss, please let me know.
  • Girl talk: This week really revolved around my friends, especially those from high school. It was so nice to catch up with everyone and have some proper girl talk about literally everything.
  • Baking: I decided to try Vivianna's Lemon Drizzle Cake and it was delicious. 
  • Going out on a Friday night: God knows when I last went out on a Friday night and I wasn't planning on going out this time either, but my friend kinda forced me to. I'm glad that I went because I had so many laughs. It was definitely a fun night out.
  • Waking up without a hangover on Saturday: When I was younger, I was rarely hungover even if I had way too many drinks. Now things have changed and I feel like crap even if I only have a glass or two of wine. Was so happy when I woke up feeling great on Saturday.
  • Sunday afternoon: at my Grandma's with the whole family, Grandma's home-made apple & curd strudel and cuddling my cousin's babies. Ok, one is technically already a toddler, but I'll never except the fact that he's growing up so fast. My week definitely couldn't have ended better. 

 How was your week? What was the best part of it?

Sanja ♥

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2 komentarji

  1. Jaz sem tudi spucala avto :D a maš mogoče link za palete? res kul, da si dobila 2 :D

    1. Pridna :D
      Evo tole je, paleta
      Je pa na novo dal gor od kar sm js kupila, pa tud ceno je zvišal.


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