The Battle of Maybelline Concealers

Friday, August 29, 2014

Hello ladies, 
I was talking about this post for literally ages and I finally got around to actually writing it.
I'll be comparing the two Maybelline concealers that were on my wish list for a really long time, but since they're not available in Slovenia (I saw that the Fit Me is available on, I had to wait until I went to Austria to actually buy them.

I already featured both of them on my blog before, and I've mentioned that I was completely in love with the Fit Me, but now things have changed a bit.
Let's see what I think about each of them.

First up is the Fit Me concealer in the shade 15 Fair that has more of a yellow/orange undertone to it
In Austria (Müller) I paid 5, 99 € for this one and you get 6,8ml of product.
The packaging itself is nothing special, just a plastic tube with a doe foot applicator. I like the fact that the applicator is slightly angled which makes it very convenient to fit right under the eyes. One thing that I don't like about it is that it catches quite a lot of product and I find that a little goes a long way with this one.
The consistency is a lot thicker than with the other one, although it's not the thickest of concealers that I've tried. As I said, I think a little goes a long way with this one and I prefer to blend it in with my fingers.
I would say that this concealer has a full coverage as it covers my dark circles completely. It's also great for covering up any blemishes and it can easily be build up to cover even those nasty, red pimples.
I also noticed that this one won't crease for a couple of hours even if I don't set it with a powder (although I  almost always do).

I have to admit that I wasn't a fan of the Instant Anti-Age the Eraser Eye Perfect & Cover  concealer at first. 
I have the shade 03 Fair which is lighter and more pink-toned than the Fit Me.
You get the same amount of product (6,8ml) but I paid 10,99€ for this one (again, Müller in Austria). This one also has a different packaging; it's round, more vibrant and has a sponge applicator on top. It's also one of those twist up products.
I do really like the sponge, it's very soft and squishy, but I still prefer to blend the product in using my fingers.
This one is more sheer & lightweight than the Fit Me, I would say it has a medium coverage although it can be build up easily. It's also a lot thinner, more hydrating and brightening.
I use this one only for my dark circles and I have to set it with a powder straight away, otherwise it starts to crease immediately. Once it's set, it doesn't budge for the entire day.

L = Instant anti-age Eraser, R = Fit Me

Both of these concealers are very creamy, long-lasting, easy to blend and don't look cakey even if you build them up. 
As I said, I was completely in love with the Fit Me at first, but ever since I got back from holidays, I prefer using the Instant Anti-Age one, since I currently find the Fit Me one to be a bit too heavy and too yellow for my tanned skin. I still love it a lot, since it has an amazing coverage, I just prefer something more light and brightening at the moment. 
I know I'll get back to using the Fit Me more once my pale skin returns. I also like the look of both of them together, since you get the amazing coverage of the Fit Me and the brightness of the Eraser.  

Here is also a comparison and you can decide which one you prefer; 
- top photo is without any concealer, 
- second one with the Fit Me concealer on the right, 
- third one with the Eraser on the left and 
- bottom one with the Eraser on the left and Fit Me on the right.

I think that these two are one of the best, if not the best, drugstore concealers that I've tried so far and I'm really glad I got both of them. 
Personally, I prefer the coverage, packaging, fact that it can also be used on blemishes and the price tag of the Fit Me concealer, but I prefer the shade and brightness of the Instant Anti-Age the Eraser Eye Perfect & Cover. It just depends on what are you searching for in a concealer really.

What's your all time favourite concealer? Would love to know.

Sanja ♥ 

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8 komentarji

  1. Great, helpful post! I have heard a lot about these concealers and I really want to try out the Instant Eraser :)

    1. Glad that you found it helpful. I think you won't regret buying either one of them :)

  2. Zame je Eraser enostavno boljši, glede prekrivnosti pa ne opazim neke ogromne razlike med njima, čeprav je Fit me vseeno malo bolj prekriven. Oba pa po prekrivnosti premaga tako Collection, kot Nars :)

    1. Dejansko se veselim, da sprobam Nars in Collection, upam, da bom tudi jaz tako navdušena kot vas je večina. Pomoje bota to prvi dve stvari, ki jih bom kupila v Londonu :D

  3. I adore the Fit Me concealer and powder too :)

    Sam xo sjmcdf

    1. Haven't tried the powder yet, but if it's similar to the concealer, I can see why you would love it :)

  4. Jaz imam Eraser, ampak nisem tako zelo navdušena kot vsi ostali. Meni osebno je Essencov korektor dosti boljši. Bom pa še malo počakala z oceno, da izgubim barvo in bom videla, če mi bo na svetli koži bolj všeč (ker mi je Eraser trenutno malce pretemen).

    1. Meni na začetku tudi ni bil všeč, sedaj mi je pa super. Meni pa ta od Essence ni pretirano všeč :)


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