Sunday's Tag: The Secrets of Blogging

Sunday, August 24, 2014

Hello ladies,
 I apologize for not posting anything this week, but I was really busy and on Friday, when I actually had some free time, everything went wrong. I took 93 (yes, you read that right, 93) photos of eyeshadow swatches and not one of them look good on the computer. I decided to try again, just to see that the battery on the camera died. Then I just gave up.
But today I'm back with The Secrets of Blogging Tag that Mateja tagged me to do. So here are my answers.

1. When did you start blogging and why?
I started blogging on 27th of November 2012 (here's my first post) and as I said in my first post, starting a blog was one of the things on my ''2012 to do'' list. I watched a lot of ''beauty gurus'' on Youtube and I started reading a lot of blogs, so one of my best friends encourage me to try it as well.
2012 was also quite a difficult year for me as I was having some health issues and was going through some drama in my personal life, so this blog was also some sort of distraction for me.

2. How many people in ''real life'' know about your blog?
Not a lot actually. My parents and my sister know, but they don't read it (I had to tell them when I was invited to the Yves Rocher event and since I was taking a lot of photos and getting more and more beauty stuff), I also mentioned it to my cousins and a friend briefly.
But one of the people that know most about it and actually read it, is that friend that encouraged me to start blogging and still encourages me to this day.
And that's about it, really. Unless there are some other people that know about it, but I don't know that they know :)
It's not like I'm not trying to hide it, but the majority of my friends are not so interested in makeup and blogging as I am, so we don't even talk about these things.

3. What are your favourite posts to read?
Almost anything beauty or lifesytle related really. I love reviews or first impressions, and I also love a good, long empties post or favourites. But at the same time, I always love to read some more personal posts since it gives me a feeling that I can relate to the blogger.
The only posts I'm not too keen on are those that are related to fashion, but that's just my personal preference.

4. List a blog that you have discovered recently.
Thanks to Mateja I discovered Feel Bella and feel in love with her blog immediately.
I've also discovered a Slovenian blogger Vanja Crayons and Beads and I cannot wait to try some of her delicious recipes.

5. Which posts are you most proud of?
I'm actually proud of the majority of my posts, especially those from the past year or so. As Mateja said, a lot of work goes into every post and if I wasn't happy about the end result, I wouldn't post it.

6. What advice would you give to future bloggers?
I agree with everything Mateja said so I won't be repeating those things, I'll just add a few more;
- Please stay away from follow for follow comments, I understand that you want to gain followers, but there are so many other ways to do it. 
-Try to answer as many comments as you can. I absolutely hate when bloggers don't respond to any of their comments even though they only have a few. If someone takes the time to read & say something nice about the things you shared, you should take the time to at least thank them.
- Include more than you one photo. I feel like having only one photo at the begging of the post is slowly becoming a trend and I'm strongly against it. I'm a visual person and if I'm reading a review on a product with only one photo, you can bet that I'll forget about which product I've been reading by the end of the post. I always love to see some swatches as well.
-  Don't do it for the freebies and don't become a sell out. 
- Don't copy other people's content. It's okay if you get the idea from someone, but don't copy their words, steal their photos or something like that.
- Don't take blogging to seriously and just have fun. 

I tag everyone who wants to do this tag and I would love to know what advice would you give to future bloggers? 

Sanja ♥

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17 komentarji

  1. Z vsemi črticami se strinjam, sploh pa z 2.&3. črtico. Če Temptalia lahko napiše toliko postov in odgovori na toliko komentarjev, potem lahko tudi vsi ostali :D

    1. Temptalia je res dober vzgled ja, škoda da se nisem spomnila, da bi jo že v samem postu omenila :)

  2. Jaz blogov, ki imajo eno fotko na začetku posta, sploh več ne berem, četudi gre za uspešen blog in dobro napisane ocene. Mislim, kaj mi pomaga dobra ocena, če ne vidim swatchev, sploh pa ne swatchev na ocebi (npr. šmink, blushev ipd.). Jaz imam tale post tudi že skoraj napisan, edino na 5. vprašanje mi je tako težko odgovoriti, ker sem itak ponosna na vse, kot si že ti napisala, v vsak post vložimo ogromno časa, in sploh ne vem, če naj kateri post izpostavim ali ne.

    1. Točno to ja, sploh ne vidim pomena. Ravno danes sem brala oceno o eni maskari in me je zelo zanimalo kako bo izpadla na trepalnicah, pa je bila samo slika same maskare. Res groza.
      Mogoče pa izpostavi par tistih, ki so tebi osebno najljubši?

  3. Oh ja, follow to follow - zelo nadležno. Se počutim kot da me emocionalno izsiljujejo.
    Se mi pa zdi, da smo slovenske bloggerke zelo pridne glede slik in swatchev, so bolj britanske blogerke tiste, ki po novem dajejo samo eno sliko.

    1. Js se včasih prav krivo počutim, ker vse te follow to follow ignoriram...
      Ja to se pa strinjam, se mi zdi, da je nekaterim Britankam že tako samoumevno da imajo veliko bralcev tudi če se ne trudijo najbolj.

  4. Great tag! I'm sorry if I don't always answer to your comments on my blog, I often think: 'I'll answer later' and then completely forget about it. I'm going to start answering more :D

    1. Don't worry Astrid, this wasn't meant for you. I know you put a lot of work into your blog and you're always leaving sweet comments on mine :)

  5. Meni gre tudi blazno na živce, ko nekatere pišejo ocene produktov in tudi enega swatcha ne vključijo. :/

    1. Sploh ne vem v čem je point take ocene, ker si itak vsak želi videt kako izdelek dejansko izgleda...

  6. Oohh thank you so much Sanja for the mention! that's so sweet of you! you have a really cute blog :)
    thank you, thank you again
    lots of love

    Almu-FeelBella Blog

    1. Ah, no problem. You deserve it and I'm really glad that I found your blog through Mateja :)

  7. Odlični nasveti:) Se popolnoma strinjam s tabo glede komentarjev. Res ni tako težko odgovoriti na pet komentarjev. Pa naj bo še tako banalen odgovor, je pač tako, da je to lepo:). Pa tudi glede ene fotke v objavi se popolnoma strinjam. Sem prav tako zelo vizualna oseba in se mi zdi, da vse blogerke, ki smo zaljubljene v makeup in podobne zadeve, smo seveda vizualne:).

    1. Ja se strinjam, meni se včasih tudi zdi butasto, da odgovorim samo s 'hvala' ampak se mi še vedno zdi boljše kot pa nič :)
      Vidim, da smo res vse istega mnenja glede teh slik, super!

  8. This is a great tag, I like the idea of looking back at past reviews and choosing which you're most proud of! xx

    Gemma |

    1. Would love to read your answers, Gemma! :)


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