Review* & NOTD: Makeup Revolution London Salvation palette & Nail Polish

Monday, July 28, 2014

Hello ladies, 
today I'll be reviewing the second package of Makeup Revolution goodies I got from Lič

I already received some products from them awhile ago (you can check them out here), but this time I got one of their Salvation palettes in Welcome to the Pleasuredome (£ 6 on Makeup Revolution and 8,95€ on Lič  and a nail polish in Who got the look? £1 or 1,95€)

The first thing I noticed with this palette is that the packaging is a step up from the previous one; it's a lot more sturdy and compact, has a big mirror and every eyeshadow has a name.
Although the packaging is still plastic and quite simple, I have to say that it's definitely better than the previous one. One thing that I noticed and didn't really like, is that the plastic packaging scratches really easily.

In the palette you get 12 shimmer shades and 6 matte, supposedly they're all super pigmented. 
I do really like the concept of having a nice selection of shimmer & matte shades in one palette, but I'm not a big fan of colour selection in this particular palette. 
I know that I'll end up using only the neutral side of the palette and because of that this wouldn't probably be my palette of choice. I also think that a few shades in this palette are too similar, which again isn't something I like. 
For an affordable palette this one really is nicely pigmented, although this again isn't true for all the shades. The shimmery ones are buttery soft and nicely pigmented, except Even when they reach the top and You really can't afford me.
The matte ones are a bit more chalky and powdery (especially I can do it & Never doing what I am told), but still have a descent pigmentation for the price. Saying that, they're all very buildable and have little fall out (I do still prefer the UD Naked Basics palette for matte shades).
All of the shades are easy to blend, and on me they start to fade after 5 hours (with a primer under).

Here are the swatches and close-up of the eyeshadow  (from R to L on my hand):

Welcome to the pleasure dome & Xanadu work really great as your inner or brow-bone highlights, but on my eyelids they look almost identical. 
Then we have Moving on which for me is a typical all-over-the-lids shade. Next are Where lovers roam and Jungle call that again look almost identical on the lids. Mateja actually found out that they're a dupe for MAC Satin Taupe which is great to know since I had this eyeshadow on my WL for ages.
Last of this bunch is Moving at million miles an hour which is a lovely brown with some red undertones. I quite like this shade actually.

Next up are the brightest shades, starting with Using my powers which is actually a very beautiful cobalt blue shade, but I know I'll never wear it.
You really can't afford me has an interesting name, but poor pigmentation. It's also very similar to the last swatched shade There goes a Supernova which has better pigmentation. I just can't make these two shades work on me so they'll end up being unused. 
As I mentioned, Even when they reach the top is also poorly pigmented and feels a bit chalky. Would pass on this shade as well.
Next is Sell it by the hour that actually looks amazing as an eyeliner. It makes my eyes look more awake and on the green-ish side, and it's a nice shade to play around with in the Summer. 
Last is a golden shade called Shooting starts never stop.

Last but not least, the matte shades.
You can't really see What a push over, as it almost completely blends in with my skin and it's not all that pigmented. I like to use this on top of my primer to cancel out any discolourations on my eyes.
I quite like the next three shades; Long way from home & Diamond by the shower are the most pigmented of the matte shades and very easy to work with, Love your body is quite the opposite, but surprisingly I really like the shade as I don't have something similar in my collection. Although it is purple, it has a lot of grey undertone to it and looks very nice in the outer corner.
I can do it & Never doing what I am told are the biggest let downs for me. I find them to be really chalky and powdery, they're very badly pigmented and look the same on the eyes. I did however see that the ones from Mateja's palette look more pigmented than mine.

And now a few words on the Who got the look? nail polish.
I'll start with positive things, first the colour. I absolutely love the bright, fuchsia-coral shade; it's perfect for the Summer. I also like the formula, it's not too thick or too runny, has a nice glossy finish and dries pretty quickly. I do really like the shape of the nail polish bottle as well, although the sticker with the brand name looks very cheap and the cap of my polish leans a bit sideways.
Every thing else is more negative. It has a very strong, chemical scent, but the biggest let down for me is the brush - it's just awful. The bristles feel very harsh & plastic and because of that, the application is really difficult. The polish goes on extremely streaky, and although it could be opaque in one coat, you need to go over just the cover the streaks. Or at least this is what I though it would do, but found out that the second coat went on even streakier so I had to use a top coat to cover it.
I tend to avoid using top coats when I'm trying nail polishes to see how long they last, but I just had to use one here. It started chipping after 2 days, which also isn't the best.
For me, the brush unfortunately ruins everything and I just can't see myself using this again (unless for a nail art), although I really like the shade itself.

A lot of bloggers already said that Makeup Revolution products are either a hit or a miss, and I definitely have to agree with them. I think the eyeshadow palettes are definitely worth checking out if you're just starting out with using makeup or are on a budget, but I would definitely pass on their nail polishes.

What are your favourite products from Makeup Revolution? Anything I should try out?

Sanja ♥ 

*The products was sent to me to review. I didn't buy them with my money. But that didn't and won't ever affect my opinion about the products in any way. The review is based on my personal experience with the products.*

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16 komentarji

  1. Se strinjam glede pakiranja, dosti boljše kot so ga imele prejšnje palete. Od vseh novih mi je bila tvoja najmanj všeč, pa najbolj me še moti to, da MR sami sebe kopirajo. Jaz imam 3 njihove palete in kar precej odtenkov se ponavlja. Why? Zdaj bodo izdali spet neko novo v istem pakiranju, kot so te in dejansko precej spominja na Acid Bright paleto. Mi je pa odtenek tvojega laka všeč, čeprav vse trdite, da je čopič obupen (jaz mojega laka še nisem preizkusila, se ne morem spraviti k nošenju pink laka). Se čisto strinjam z zadnjim odstavkom.

    1. Res je škoda, da sami sebe kopirajo ja....
      Meni je odtenek tudi všeč, ampak vse ostalo je pa bolj žalostno zaradi čopiča...

  2. Replies
    1. Some of them are really pretty, yes :)

  3. Tele matt senčke so res slabo pigmentirane, tud v moji Run Boy Run paleti :)

    1. Škoda, čeprav sem pri Matejinih swatch-ih videla, da so njene pa malce boljše...Ampak na vrh primerja pa kar dobro izpadejo :)

  4. Prve senčke so zelo lepe. Tudi odtenek laka je res lep:)

    1. Se strinjam, škoda da še kvaliteta ni malce boljša :)

  5. meni je lih formula zanič, premehko mi je :D pa zakaj vedno mečejo zraven te modre odtenke? :D

    1. Haha, ej ne vem, zgleda da obstajajo ljubiteljice modrih odtenkov :D

  6. Replies
    1. The shimmery ones are super pigmented yes, I wish it would be the same with the matte ones....

  7. super zgleda, si moram tudi sama kako nabavit. :D lep lakec. xoxo

    1. Poročaj kako ti bo všeč, če si boš kupila kakšno. Lak pa raje preskoči :)

  8. Lepe barve paletke ;) barva laka pa je gorgeous <3

    1. Se strinjam, lak je res čudovit...Škoda ker čopič vse pokvari


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