Review: Balm Balm Frankincense Organic Skincare Collection

Friday, July 18, 2014

Hello ladies, 
today I'm writing a long overdue review of the Balm Balm Frankincense Organic Skincare Collection Facial Gift set.
I got this set probably over two months ago when it was on offer on FeelUnique, took photos the instant I got it and already mentioned the Light Facial Oil in my May Sparkles.
Now it's finally time for a in-depth review of all the products in this gift set.

In the set you get their Soothing Facial Tonic, Deep Cleansing Balm, Light Facial Oil and a muslin cloth. All three products are from their Frankincense organic skincare collection.
Everything comes packaged in a nice white box with a bow on it, and with a little note describing every product. All of the products came in glass tubes, and as you'll be able to see, they're all made from very simple & natural ingredients. 
As I mentioned, I got this set on FeelUnique when it was on offer, but now it retails for 32,49€.

What they say: Three wonderfully effective organic products to keep your skin feeling happy, healthy and youthful. Made from organic oils and waxes, each product will work synergistically with all skin types. This is because your skin will absorb as much or as little of their precious ingredients as it needs. Use them individually or in our 1, 2, 3 routine for healthy, glowing skin.
Frankincense is well known for its rejuvenating effect on the skin but did you know that it is also reputed to improve deep breathing and thus improve circulation? Good circulation reflects in beautiful skin so...take a deep breath with our wonderful Frankincense Facial products and let your skin breathe too.

1. Frankincense Deep Cleansing Balm: I wanted to try this cleansing balm ever since I saw it on Mateja's blog but was hesitating as I was sure I would be putt off by its scent. Mateja described the scent like this; ''It smells strongly of incense and citrus, so the overall effect is like being in the church on a holiday at the moment when the priest is swinging that smoke thingy while you're sitting next to someone wearing a D&G Light Blue. 
I'm quoting her because I couldn't describe it better, and I also totally agree with her. The funny thing is, I used to absolutely hate the scent of that smoke thingy in the church, but surprisingly I actually kinda like the scent of this cleanser (maybe it's because I haven't been in a church for such a long time, who knows).
Other than that, it's very creamy & rich, and when you apply it on your skin, it melts into an oil in no-time; the texture kinda reminds me of coconut oil.
It removes all of the makeup effortlessly without irritating my eyes or my skin. It also didn't break me out or clogged my pores.
On the skin, it feels very luxurious and nourishing, and after I'm done with using it, my face is left feeling moisturised, soft & smooth. It definitely makes my skin look & feel really good and I think it even makes it look a little bit plumper. 
In the glass jar you only get 30 ml, which in my opinion is quite a small amount, and because of that I normally use it whenever I'm wearing a lot of makeup or if I'm wearing makeup through the entire day. There's something really relaxing about it so I like to use it as a part of my pampering routine. 
I also really like the muslin cloth that comes with this gift set; it's not too abrasive yet still gives you a little bit of exfoliation.
On its own, it retails for 10,39€ on FeelUnique.

2. Frankincense Hydrosol Soothing Facial Tonic: This is my least favourite product of the bunch as I didn't notice any difference on my skin when I was & wasn't using it. To be fair, it doesn't actually promises anything revolutionary, but as I mentioned previously, I prefer using toners that make a change in the looks of my skin.
It, again, comes in a glass, spray bottle and this is the thing I'm not too fond of. The spritz/spray is quite strong and you end up looking like you just washed your face with water. If you want to use it on a cotton pad, you end up using way too much of the product to soak it the cotton pad. So what I've been doing is spraying this on my face and than tapping the product into the skin with my fingers, this way it also sinks into the skin way quicker.
It does feel very refreshing and cooling on the skin, but it leaves a little bit of an oily feeling afterwards. It has a similar scent as the Cleansing balm, but not as strong and less smoky. 
You also get 30 ml in the bottle, and it also retails for 10,39€ on its own. 

3. Frankincense Light Facial Oil: Now this is a miracle worker and I'm completely obsessed with it!
It also comes in a glass bottle with a pipette, and you only get 10 ml for the same price as the other two products. For me, the price/amount is the only downsize of this product and I definitely wish there was a bigger version of it.
This also has the best scent of the three, it's a lot more citrusy, and also has a slight yellow tint. 
It truly is lightweight and doesn't feel like you just covered your face with oil, yet still fells extremely nourishing, hydrating & luxurious on the skin. 
I noticed a change right away; the morning after I used this for the first time, my skin got less shiny throughout  the day. Now, after more than two months of using it, my skin is noticeably less oily, but feels more moisturised & hydrated. I also noticed that it looks more healthy, has that natural glow (especially on the cheeks) and the scaring from blemishes disappears a lot quicker. I once stopped using it for a week, because I forgot to bring it with me to Ljubljana, and I could actually see that my skin wasn't looking all that great.  I definitely regret not taking before and after photos to show you.
I only use it at night, around 3 drops, and my skin drinks it up instantly. I do, however, use another night cream on top of that and they work really well together. 
I was very sceptical about using an oil with my combination/oily skin, but since I've seen such a big difference in overall look of my skin, I'm now really interested in trying some other face oils as well (the ones from Alverde, Pai and Clarins are currently on top of my WL).

Here you can see the Cleansing balm in action, and below is the Light Facial Oil.

I definitely agree that these products would work great with every skin type and they feel very luxurious and relaxing on the face; it's like having a spa treatment every time I use them.
In my opinion, they're definitely worth the price (maybe not so much the tonic) and I would recommended them to everyone. I only wish they would come in bigger sizes. 

Have you tried anything from the Balm Balm? What do you think about it?

Sanja ♥

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  1. Tale balm cleanser kar pogrešam :) Tekstura je tako krasna, ampak ne vem zakaj mora obstajat samo 30 ml lonček.

    1. A ne? Zato ga pa jaz ne uporabljam vsak dan, ker ga nočem tako hitro porabit :D

  2. Oh wow this sounds incredible! I've only tried an oil from Balm Balm but I really loved it, and I bet this smells so good xx

    Gemma // Miss Makeup Magpie

    1. I was really blown away and I definitely want to try more of Balm Balm products now. They do smell really nice, especially the scent of the oil is my favourite :)

  3. I love how it effective it is to remove makeup.



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