July Sparkles

Thursday, July 31, 2014

Hello ladies, 
I'm late again for my July Sparkles but we shall ignore this one day delay, okay?

I've been really busy this past month and I rarely wore full face of makeup, but I still managed to accumulate a few products that I've been especially enjoying in July. So the honorary sparkles go to;

Essie Go Ginza and Real Tecniques Miracle Complexion Sponge. 
I'm sure I already mentioned that Essie nail polishes are my favourite ones as they last the longest on me, have a wide brush and are very opaque. Go Ginza was my favourite shade this past month, and I got a ton of compliments and questions about it.
It's a very light, pastel lilac shade, and from far it almost looks like a nude-white colour. I really love wearing it in the Summer/Spring time.
I actually don't think I mentioned the Real Techniques Sponge before, but I had it for quite some time now. Since I've been recently mostly wearing only concealer under my eyes, I've been using this sponge to blend it in. It works great and gives you a very natural finish. It's also the softest makeup sponge that I own, so I prefer using this one under my eyes over the rest of them.

Next we have the L'oreal Skin Perfection Magic touch Instant blur. I won't talk much about this one since I already did a first impression (here.) I can tell you that I can't imagine wearing foundation without this primer underneath any more. I absolutely love it and it works great for covering my pores.
Terra Naturi is a brand I always skip when I'm in Müller, but ever since I saw this Royal Apricot (04) blush over on Ana Ina's blog, I knew I had to get it. I finally snatched it up at the beginning of July and been wearing it since then. It's not really an apricot shade, as it's somewhere between pink and coral, but it looks gorgeous on and it's also nicely pigmented. Score.

To say that this next item is a favourite is an understatement since I'm completely obsessed with it! I'm talking about Yves Rocher Monoi de Tahiti Eau de toilette. We all know that I suck at describing scents, but to me this smells like Summer in a bottle; it's coconuty and floral, which is something I wouldn't normally go for, but I've been dreaming about this perfume ever since I got the dry oil version of this at their event. 
Green Line HydroMineral Light moisturising cream for mixed and oily skin is again something I already talked about, and another must have for Summer. You can read the review here.

Last but not least, two lip products that are actually quite similar. 
I mentioned how I wanted to avoid including items from limited collections into my favourites, but this one is still available (at least in my nearest DM it still is). I'm talking about Essence Road Trip collection and their Mini sheer lipstick in Hit the road, red! The first thing I love about it, is the nice citrus scent. It's very creamy & glides on like a dream. I wouldn't say it's sheer, because it applies quite pigmented and it also feels moisturising on the lips. The colour itself is not as dark as it looks it the tube; it's actually more of a raspberry shade and I've been loving it as a bold lip recently.
Revlon lip butter in Lollipop is quite similar to this one; in formula, texture and the feeling on the lips. It's slightly glossier and the shade is a lot brighter, more fuchsia colour and it also has some shimmer in it. 

Top, L to R: Terra Naturi blush, Essence Road Trip sheer lipstick, Revlon lip butter.
Bottom: Essie Go Ginza 

What was your favourite product in July?

Sanja ♥

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13 komentarji

  1. Green Line kremo mam jaz tudi ta mesec med najljubšimi izdelki. :)
    Sem pa kupila tudi tole Monoi toaletno vodico in jo zadnje dneve tudi veliko uporabljam, da vsaj dišim po poletju, če ga že ni zunaj. :(
    Lollipop pa je moj najljubši odtenek Revlon lip butterjev. :)
    L'oreal primer pa se tudi sliši super, ampak verjetno ga še zmeraj ni pri nas?

    1. Jaz jo tudi skoz uporabljam, če pa tako diši no :D
      Ej veš da še zmeraj nisem uspela pogledat če imajo primer v Müllerju, ampak mislim, da bi se znal najti :)

  2. I love the RT sponge, it blends everything so easily! xx

    1. Right? They seriously know what they're doing :)

  3. Replies
    1. Haha, zgleda, da je res nekaj na tej barvi :D

  4. Essie go ginza je ful lep, ful mi je skoda, da si ga lani nism kupila :/

    1. A je bil LE? Sploh nisem vedela, jaz sem ga enkrat kot darilo zraven dobila ko sem en drug Essie lak kupila :D

  5. Vsi imate med favoriti bolj shiny zadeve za ustnice, jaz sem pa čisto obsedena z mat šminkami. :)

    1. Meni so mat ponavadi tudi ljubše, ampak poleti se pa nekak vedno nagibam k glowy zadevam :D

  6. Essie odtenek je res luškan:) Parfum se sliši čisto po mojem okusu. Imam že toliko zadev nagledanih za Yves Rocher, pa nekako nikoli ne pridem do tja.

    1. Obisk se ti bo definitivno splačal. Se super stvari najdejo, vključno s tem parfumom ;)


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