Midweek update; A temporary change

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Hello ladies,
today I have a quick update for all of you. I really like to keep you updated on things that are going on in my life, even though I'm not sure if anyone really cares about my schedule and things like that, but nevertheless I decided to write this post.


I already mentioned a few times that this year was my last year at Uni and last week I finished with my classes. I still have a couple of exams I need to pass in the next couple of weeks, including one that I have tomorrow. Eeek!
On top of that I also start with my traineeship in the National Assembly on Monday.
Since I really need to focus on these things, I won't have the time to blog properly so I decided that I'll try my best and post something once a week (on Wednesdays) until the end of June. By then, the exams and the traineeship should be over and I'll be back to my usual schedule. 

As I said, this is just a quick update because I don't want to vanish for a few weeks without an explanation, and I also like to keep those of you who regularly read my blog informed.
I'm really excited for the upcoming Summer as I have a lot of plans for this little place and can't wait to finally have the time to carry them out.

I also have a question for you and would love to hear your feedback; Let me know if there's anything you would like to see more/less on this blog, or if you have any requests for future blog posts.

Thanks for reading and keep your fingers crossed for my exams.

Sanja ♥

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8 komentarji

  1. I wish you a lot of succes with your exams! :D
    I love your blog, no matter what you write! But I like long posts (like hauls, monthly favorites, empties, products you regret buying, etc etc).
    I also like when you do tags or '10 things that made this week awesome' posts...
    conclusion: keep doing what you're doing! I like it :D

    1. Thanks Astrid, you always leave the nicest comments and I really appreciate your feedback. <3

  2. Vso srečo na izpitu! :) Ryan Gosling bo pomagal :P
    drugače pa piši to kar pišeš, maš super poste :)

    1. Hvala Julija. Ryan pa vedno pomaga :P

  3. Čeprav sem malo pozna, veliko sreče na izpitih. Tudi pri meni je zelo stresno, bo že :))

    Nika x


    1. Hvala in tudi tebi vso srečo :)

  4. Vso srečo z izpiti! :) Glede bloga pa... keep doing what you're doing. Jaz vedno z veseljem preberem vse tvoje poste. :)

    1. Hvala Sandra, to je vedno lepo slišat, sploh od vas, ki ste že dlje časa v tem :)


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