May Sparkles

Friday, May 30, 2014

Hello ladies, 
I'm extremely sad that May is coming to an end. May is my favourite month of the year, probably because it's my birthday month and it flew away way too quickly. Someone needs to invent a button for stopping the time.

This month I have quite a few ''sparkling'' products for you. I found a lot of new favourites that are already becoming staples in my beauty regime and I seriously don't know what I was doing without them.

First we have a shower gel from Balea called Melon Tango. Words cannot really describe how upset I am that this is a part of their limited edition collection. I'm beyond obsessed with this scent and luckily, I already stocked up. It's the perfect scent for the warmer months; very fresh, fruity and a little bit savoury. You can definitely smell the watermelon and the scent lingers on your skin for quite some time. I could honestly just have a bottle of this open next to me and smell it throughout the day.
Next product is not actually new, since I bough it a few months back, but I haven't talked about it yet. Since we had quite a few ''special'' occasions (going out, birthday parties, etc) this month and since I only wear actual foundations on those occasions, the  L'oreal True match (in the shade R2-C2 Rose Vanilla)  was quite loved this month. I like this one because it's very blendable and you can easily sheer or build it up as much as you want. It's extremely easy to apply and doesn't feel or look like you're wearing actual foundation on your face. I hate the feeling of wearing heavy foundations on your face, and that's one of the reasons I prefer BB/CC creams. I haven't tried a lot of foundations, but from those that I did try, this one is definitely my favourite one.
I won't talk about the Balm Balm Frankincense Light Facial Oil too much because I'm planning on doing a whole, in-depth review on the Balm Balm set that this was a part of. But I'll tell you that this changed my skin from the first use and that I'm noticeably less oily since using this. Amazing! 

I've been choosing single eyeshadows over my palettes this month which is pretty surprising and these three were my favourites. The Essence Last night a cookie saved my life was a part of their TE Cookies & Cream and is unfortunately not available any more. Just the name itself is a favourite, but the eyeshadow is so pigmented and buttery, it's ridiculous. I wish Essence made all of their eyeshadows as well as they make their TE products. It also has such an amazing shine to it and looks gorgeous on the eyes. 
I got the IQ Cosmetisc eyeshadow in Old Rose in Seiersberg and honestly wasn't expecting much, since it was very cheap. It's not as buttery as the Essence one, but it's still very pigmented and also has a nice shine. The colour itself is a beautiful golden, dusky-rose shade. It looks amazing all over the lids or just in the crease.
Last but not least we have an ArtDeco 538 eyeshadow. I hate the packaging of these, they're so tiny and the sliding plastic on the top is not the best either. I need to get a Z palette so I can depot it.
But enough of my ramblings, I'm so happy I got this shade. It's a beige-nude shade that is perfect for defining the crease on those no-makeup makeup days. I also love using this as a transition colour when I'm doing a darker look, as it makes blending so much easier.

Next we have the L'oreal Miss Manga mega volume mascara that you probably already heard about. As far as I have read, this is quite a love-hate mascara in the blogging community, and I'm definitely on the ''love'' side. It has a very flexible brush which I wasn't too keen on at first, but I'm loving it now. You can really wiggle it and because of that it gives me lots of volume and length without clumping my lashes together.
I already talked about the Bourjois Rouge Edition Velvet in Nude-ist in my top Spring lipsticks but I had to mention in one more time, because I've been wearing it tons this month. If you're a fan of matte finish, you need to get this.
And not onto the favourite of all favourites; Essie Spin the bottle. If you don't already own this nail polish, you need to get it NOW, before it becomes unavailable since it's a part of their Spring collection. This is the prettiest and the most perfect nude nail polish of all time, and it only takes two coat for it to be completely opaque. If for some reason, I had to give up all of my nail polishes and only keep one, this would be THE ONE.

Now we have some products for the cheeks and a ''miracle'' brush.
I picked up the Maybelline Colorama blush in 201 awhile back, as they were on offer for less than 2€ in Müller. This shade is like a little sister of Illamasqua Morale, just more pink & bright. It's nicely pigmented, small and compact and has some fine glitters in it.
Another blush that I've been loving in May, is the Astor Lovedoll Pink. The packaging of this one is quite cheep and probably not the best for travelling. You do need to build it up as well, but it's well worth it in my opinion. The shade itself is gorgeous; bright pinky coral shade that instantly brightens up your whole face. It makes you look so healthy and put together and it's also completely matte. If you have a similar skin tone as me, this would look stunning on you.
Another month, another highlighter? Who even am I? I picked up this H&M Powder highlighter on a complete whim and fell in love with it. It's so soft and pigmented, you really need just a dab of it and the shade is very interesting. It's golden, but has some pink running through and it doesn't have any glitters in it, just finely milled shimmers. It's similar to the Balm Mary-Lou Manizer but less yellow/champagne. I probably don't even have to say that this was the only highlighter I've been using this month.
I only got the Real Techniques Setting brush last week and I just couldn't do my favourites of the month without it. Seriously, how did I set my makeup before this? Not only it is perfect for setting your under eye concealer, but it somehow makes my skin look photoshopped.  I don't know how, but this tiny brush completely blurs out all the fine lines and even the tiniest pores. I'm blown away. 

And now the swatches. 
On top we have (L to R); H&M highlighter, Astor Lovedoll pink, Maybelline 201, ArtDeco 538, IQ Cosmetics Old-rose, Essence Last night a cookie saved my life, Bourjois Nude-ist.
On the bottom is Essie Spin the bottle in all of her glory.

What was your favourite product in May? Would love to read your answers.


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20 komentarji

  1. tale essie je prfeeekt. :3 mislim, da ga bom vzelaaa, res lepa barva.


  2. mislim, da bi bil že zadnji čas, da si končno kupim Spin the Bottle, čudovit odtenek!<3

  3. Oh ta odtenek essieja :)) ga morm kupit, najprej sm bila mi ni lep odtenek, zdei k sm ga vidla je sam wow, morm ga imet :)) me je pa mal presenetlo, da ti je ušeč loreal maskara, k sm slišala ful kritik. sama je nimam, čeprav sem bila ful zadovoljna z eno lorealovo maskaro ;))

    1. Haha, mi je ful všeč, da sem vas prepričala v nakup :D
      Ja, res je dosti negativnih ocen, ampak meni je super. Je pa res, da še nisem našla L'orealove maskare, ki mi ne bi bila všeč :)

  4. Ooo huda objava! Tisti L'oreal true match sem imela in mi je bil zelo všeč. Ampak sedaj prisegam la 'lažje' pudre (ne vem več zakaj, haha).

    A tale bourjois velvet lipstick je vreden svojega denarja?

    1. Hvala. Meni se sicer ne zdi pretežak, ampak je res da ga dokaj redko nosim. Si pa nikakor ne morem predstavljati, da bi ga nosila vsak dan.
      Js ti definitivno rečem, da je vreden, sploh če ti je všeč matte finiš. Ni pretirano izsušujoč na ustnicah, finiš je prekrasen, pa na meni zdrži 7+ ur ne glede na to kaj jem/pijem. Edino moti me, da je dokaj omejena izbira odtenkov.

  5. Kar vse bi imela:)) H&M highlighter - takoj bi ga imela. Pa ga žal nisem videla v moji bližini :/ L'Oreal True Match si že dolgo želim, pa enostavno ne najdem primernega odtenka v Sloveniji. Essence Cookies senčilo pa je res top. Se popolnoma strinjam s tabo, vsa njihova senčila bi morala biti take teksture:)

    1. Js sm ga slučajno zagledala v BTC-ju, je bil še edini :)
      A res? To je pa škoda, ker je drugače res zakon.
      Za Essence sem pa res vesela, da sem vzela še ta drug, svetlejši odtenek, ker so res super tale senčila.

  6. Mislim da bom kar šla po blush in highlighter :D

  7. Oh i love the look of all your favourites! How gorgeous does that shower gel sound? It almost sounds edible haha xx

    Gemma // Miss Makeup Magpie

    1. Thanks Gemma, it smells edible as well. It's a constant battle of whether I should pour it in my mounth or on my body :P

  8. balea dela nemogoče hude vonje pri LE izdelkih ! super objava ;) si me prepričala pri vseh izdelkih xD Noro!

    1. Se strinjam, njihove LE so vedno super. Hvala!

  9. there's so many products we haven't tried here, and so many we're intriigued by!! We're going to head out and pick some of these up. We've never heard of balea before, are they an international brand, do you know whether we can order them online to in Australia?

    1. Hopefully you'll love them as well!
      Balea is a brand of German drugstore Drogeriemarkt that we have here in Slovenia and in some other European countries. Unfortunately, I doubt that you'll be able to get your hands on it.

  10. I guess I'm going to have to try Miss Manga now! Literally everyone is talking about how amazing it is! x

    Rebecca | morerebe

    1. I really hope you'll like it as well! Keep me posted :)


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