Top picks for Spring: Blushes

Saturday, April 26, 2014

Hello ladies, I'm back with another top picks for Spring. This time, with my favourite make-up products, blushes. 
The first part of my top picks for Spring was about nail polishes, and you can see it here and if you're interested in my favourite Autumn blushes, I also did a post similar to this one, here.

I decided to restrain myself and only pick up five. These are the ones that I'm mostly drawn to in these months and as you might be able to tell, some of them really are well loved.
In Spring I like to wear peachy or really bright pinky shades and I also love me some glitters. I tend to use more or less only powder blushes, because I absolutely love wearing cream ones in the Summer. Hence, why there's no cream blusher included.
My favourite brush for applying blush is the Blush brush from Real Techniques. It's the perfect size for my cheeks, it's very fluffy so blending is effortless and it grabs just the right amount of product.
As you can probably tell, mine needs a wash and it's very well loved, since the writing has all rubbed off.

1. NYX blush in Pinched: My first NYX blusher and one of the most used ones.
 It's very pigmented and blends nicely. Whenever I don't know which blush to wear, I tend to gravitate toward this one. I love how it looks on my skin, how glowy and healthy it makes me look.
I would say that this shade is a mixture of pink and peach and has a lot of rose-gold glitters in it.

2. E. L. F. Studio blush in Tickled Pink: This is, hands down, my most used blush in my collection. You can see how much I've used it and it's still going strong.
It's not as pigmented as the others, but it's definitely buildable. It's very smooth and this soft pinky-peach shade looks very natural on the cheeks. It has some tiny shimmers running through, but it's nothing as noticeable as with the NYX one. 

3. Deborah Milano blusher in Rosa Pesca: Even though it doesn't say on the packaging, I think that this is a baked blush. At least it looks like one.
The packaging is quite bulky and that's the thing that I don't like about it, everything else is pretty amazing. It's very pigmented and it looks like I haven't used it at all, although I use it very often.
It's a nice peachy shade that looks great with or without a tan. It also has quite a lot of glittesr in it, but they're smaller and not a chunky as  the NYX ones. They're also not as noticeable on the skin.

4. Illamasqua powder blusher in Hussy: At first, I didn't want to include this one, as it was already mentioned in my Currently obsessing over series not so long ago, but I just couldn't pass it. This is the brightest blush that I own and even though the colour may look a little bit scary, I assure you it really isn't.
 Yes, it's very pigmented but it's so easy to blend and it looks AMAZING on your skin. I always get compliments when I wear it. It's also completely matte.

5. MAC Pro longwear blush in Stay Pretty:  A true pinky shade and in the pan it looks like it has some tiny shimmers, but they don't transfer to the skin. I also think that it's a tiny, tiny bit powdery but it's nicely pigmented and it really lasts a long time. This was my go-to blusher this month and I love how it instantly makes you look really put together.

What are you favourite blushes for Spring? Would love to hear some suggestions.


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16 komentarji

  1. Beautiful colors! :)
    Lately, I'm becoming a blush addict! These look so amazing!

  2. Lepi odtenki, bi vse nosila, najbolj mi je pa NYX všeč :)

    1. Tisti od NYX je res nekaj posebnega ja :)

  3. Od vsega me najbolj mika čopič :) Drugače pa komaj čakam da v roke dobim kakšen NYXov blush za preizkusit :)

    1. Čopič je zakon, definitivno vreden nakupa :) NYX blushi so pa tudi super, imam trenutno 3, od tega enega kremnega in hočem še :)

  4. Čisto vsi so mi všeč. :)

  5. In zdaj imam Hussy na wishlisti. Great.

    1. You're welcome ;)
      Na tebi bo pomojem prelepo izgledal, ker si še malce bolj svetla ko js in s tistimi tvojimi temnimi lasmi... :)

  6. Joj meni so oranžkasti odtenki tako lepi, ampak se mi zdi da meni res ne pašejo. NYX zgleda res noro. Sama prisegam bolj na roza :D

    1. Meni se tudi zdi, da mi ne pašejo, zato se takih res oranžkastih izogibam, če so pa taki bolj peachy in da imajo nekaj bleščic notr, se mi pa zdi, da kar vredu izpade :)
      Drugače sem tudi js bolj pristašica roza :)

  7. Lepi odtenki:) Jaz imam tudi eno rdečilo od Deborah in sem prepričana da je baked:) Ampak kako dolgo zdrži...neverjetno! Je moje najljubše rdečilo ever:))

    1. Res so super tale njihova rdečila, mislim da bom mogla še po kakšen odtenek :)

  8. I really love the NYX Pinched blush, it's soooo pretty isn't it?! I always like the NYX blushes xx

    Gemma //


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