Review: Bourjois 123 Perfect CC Cream & CC Eye Cream

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Hello ladies, 
today I'm writing a long overdue post. I was initially planning on doing a first impression with these two products but due to issues with my eyes, that first impression turned into a proper review.
Also, a little side note, this is my 200th blog post! How is that even possible?

As you already know, I'm a big fan of the Garnier BB cream for combination/oily skin and ever since these BB/CC creams became so popular I wanted to try the CC cream as well. 
I decided to pick up this one from Bourjois as I was curious to see how I would get along with it. I tried the Healthy mix and the Healthy mix serum from Bourjois and I didn't like either of them, so I was very sceptical about this one too.
You also probably know about my ever lasting hunt for the perfect concealer, so of course the CC Eye cream had to be mine as well. 

Bourjois 123 Perfect CC Cream (in 31 Ivory): The packaging instantly reminded me of the Garnier BB cream, but this one is a little bit smaller.
I love how colourful the writing is, it definitely caught my attention straight away. 
In this sleek tube, you'll get 30ml / 1 fl. oz and I bought it for 12, 99€ (DM).
What they say: The CC Cream supposedly has 3 pigments to help with colour correction: apricot for anti-fatigue, green for anti-redness and white for anti-dark spots. It also claims to give you luminous complexion & smooth skin with 24hr hydration. It also has SPF 15.
My opinion: The formula of this CC Cream is quite thick and I expected it to be a lot more runny (as the Garnier BB cream is). I was pleasantly surprised by this, because the cream doesn't spills everywhere when you open it. Even though it's not so liquidy, it's extremely easy to blend and doesn't move around while you're trying to blend it in. I prefer using my fingers to apply it, but it works well with a buffing brush or a sponge also. 
It has a distinctive yet lovely, floral scent. The scent is quite strong, but once it's on your face, you can't smell it any more.
The coverage is sheer to medium, it covers the redness on my cheeks, but it doesn't cover any spots or darks circles. It definitely has less coverage than the Garnier BB cream. 
It evens out my skin tone really nicely and it makes my skin feel very smooth. The best part about it is that it looks extremely natural, like a second skin.
I also agree that it makes your skin look dewy/luminous, but I don't agree with the claim that it provides a 24hr hydration. I noticed that whenever I have some dry patches, this clings to them like nobody's business. Luckily, this doesn't happen too often on my skin.
I also love how long-lasting this is on me, one time I had it on for 12hr and it only faded a little bit around my nose & chin. I do, however, need to touch it up with a powder after 6hr, but keep in mind that I have combination/oily skin.

Bourjois 123 Perfect CC Eye cream (in 21 Ivory): This little thing is quite expensive. You only get 1,5ml / 0,05 fl. oz. and it retails for 7,99€. But I find that a little does goes a long way. This is something that can be said for the CC Cream as well. 
What they say: Colour correcting, illuminating eye care concealer with 24hr hydration and SPF 15.
My opinion: The packaging itself is nothing special, it's just a normal twist up concealer. But the thing that is a little bit different, is its rubbery applicator. The applicator is quite hard, but has a softer and movable tip. It's quite strange. 
The formula of this concealer is just right; not too thick & not too runny. It's very creamy and has the same scent as the CC Cream, just not as strong.
I didn't expect it to have good coverage or that it will cover my dark circles, but it does. I'm not saying that it makes them dissapear completely, it's definitely not that high coverage, but it evens them out and it brightens up the under eye area.
 It feels very smooth on the skin and even if you build it up (which you can, btw), it won't feel heavy or look cakey. It blends into your skin perfectly and it looks extremely natural, almost unnoticeable. This is the reasons I especially love wearing this on days when I'm not wearing any makeup, but I still want to hide my dark circles.
I do need to set it with powder right away, as it tend to get into my fine lines extremely quickly, but once I set it with powder, it doesn't budge for the rest of the day.

Here you can see how it looks on my face (please excuse my messy hair). On the left side I applied the CC Cream and the CC Eye cream, and on the right I'm au naturel.
And on the photo below you can see them swatched on my hand; the top one is CC Eye cream, the bottom the CC Cream.

All in all, these two products get a big thumbs up from me. I absolutely adore how natural these two look and I'm glad that I decided to pick up both, since they compliment each other very well and they blend together seamlessly.

Have you tried the CC Cream or the CC Eye cream yet? What did you think about them?


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8 komentarji

  1. Ta CC krema me že nekaj časa zanima, ampak nekako dvomim. Se mi zdi, da ne bi bila dovolj prekrivna, čeprav je v trgovini izgledala presenetljivo pigmentirano. Mi je všeč kako izgleda na tebi:)

    1. Če iščeš nekaj dokaj prekrivnega, ti tale res ne bo dovolj. Če pa iščeš nekaj, kar ti bo izenačilo ten, je pa super :)

  2. Sounds lovely, wish it didn't have the floral scent though!

    Belle ♥
    Mascara & Maltesers

    1. I actually don't really mind it and you can smell it any more once it's on your face :)

  3. This looks like a great product! I recently bought the Garnier Miracle cream and I LOVE it! :)

    1. It truly is :) Oh, I think that's not available in my country yet. Will you be posting a review on it?

  4. Meni je pa CC kremica super, ravno prav prekrivna za poletje pa obstojna ene 8 ur ;)

    1. Zame osebno je tudi dovolj prekrivna :) Se strinjam, da je super :)


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