April Sparkles

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Hello ladies, 
we all know what time it is, right? Yes, yes, time for another monthly favourites. 
I won't even bother crying over how past this year is flowing by, but it's seriously unbelievable that it'll already be May in few days. Can I get a hurrah for my birthday month?

This month I have quite a few favourites, but as you might notice, nothing eye related (except the concealer). I already mentioned that I had some kind of eye infection and I didn't wear any eye makeup for the entire month (there were only two exceptions this last week). 
Enough of random ramblings, let's hop into April Sparkles.

I'll start with the products that were already mentioned this month; the Bourjois 123 Perfect CC Cream and CC Eye Cream were the only bases I've used this month. If you already read my review you'll know that I love them both and I couldn't stop using them. 
On Saturday I also showed you my Top Spring Blushes and this MAC Pro longwear blush one called Stay Pretty was also featured there. It's seriously stunning and you need to get it.
I have an announcement to make: I'M OFFICIALLY A BIG FAN OF HIGHLIGHTERS. I really wasn't expecting to ever say this, but I'm converted and I can't get enough of them. This month, my one true love was this shimmer powder from Essence TE Bloom me up! collection, called Rose it up! It's a gorgeous shimmery pinky shade that's very buttery and looks divine on the skin.
I also love how the packaging is much sleeker than usual and doesn't have a rounded lid. 

Another product that was featured in my Top Pick for Spring nail polish edition, is this So Laque Glossy nail polish in the shade Ciel mon vernis from Bourjois. I re-painted my nails with this shade a couple times this month which is an achievement because I almost never do that. If you want to see it in action, here's an Instagram photo.
I also fell back in love with the Essence Stay matte lip cream in Velvet Rose (old packaging). I have too many lipsticks and I tend to use the same ones over and over again. Since I wasn't allowed to wear any eye makeup, I decided to switch up my lipsticks more often and I found some hidden & forgotten gems. These Essence lip creams are/were seriously the bomb.
Another shocking product, lip gloss. And let me tell you, I actually wore it more then once. I'm talking about Avon Perfect kiss lip gloss in the shade Succulent Fuchsia. As the name would suggest it's a lovely fuchsia shade and I like it because it's seriously pigmented, it's not sticky and leaves a nice stain on the lips, so it's actually very long-wearing. It also has a nice sweet scent and a really wide applicator. 

I rarely include a perfume in my favourites because I switch them up almost every day, but in April, I was hooked on Flora by Gucci. I'm the worst when it comes to describing scents, so I'll tell you that it's quite a strong scent and since it's Eau de Parfum the scent lingers on the skin & clothes for ages. I prefer wearing this during the day time. According to Fragnatica,  ''top notes introduce citruses and peony, a heart is enriched with rose and osmanthus (Chinese flower which enchants with fruity-floral aromas with leather notes), while base notes encompass patchouli and sandalwood''.
I also started using the Neutrogena Visibly clear Pink grapefruit Oil free moisturiser again. I'm extremely bad when it comes to moisturising in the mornings but this is something I'm working on. This definitely helps keeping my face mattified for longer, but it's still moisturising enough for occasional dry patches. 
Last but not least is this Concealer sponge from Essence TE Bloom me up tools. I love makeup sponges and this one works great for blending in under eye concealers. It works as great dry as it does wet, and I find it very handy for those early mornings when I'm trying to do my makeup as fast as I can.

L to R: Velvet Rose, Succulent Fuchsia, Stay Pretty, Rose it up!, Neutrogena moisturiser

What was your favourite product in April? Have you tried any of these products?


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12 komentarji

  1. Boujoisov lak je res lep :)

  2. super stvari. :))
    čisto vse mi je všeč. :) uuu, pa nujno bi rabila tale highlighter od Essence..misliš, da bi še ga imeli kje? iz kolekcije me je samo čopič pritegnil, ostalemu pa nisem posvečala pozornost, ampak ko ga zdaj vidim tu, mi je zelo hudo, da ga nisem vzela.. :(

    1. Ta highlighter je res super, mogoče bi ga znali imeti še na Click2chic, vem da imajo včasih še stare kolekcije...Ali pa mogoče v kakem manjšem DMu..

  3. tale čopič/gobica za puder je res top. :D

  4. Super izbire:) In jeeej dobrodošla v klub obsedenih z highlighterji:))

    1. Hvala, hvala :) Splog ne vem zakaj sem tako dolgo rabila :)

  5. Kar ne morem verjeti, da je Avonon glos tako dobro pigmentiran,. Sem razmišljala o nakupu enega, ampak sem na koncu vzela samo eno šminko (pa pozneje še par testerjev).

    1. Ja, tudi mene je čisto presentil. Je bolj kot kakšen glossy lip stain :) Sama ga verjetno tudi ne bi kupila, tako sem ga pa že kar nekaj časa nazaj dobila kot darilo in sem ga sedaj izbrskala na površje :)

  6. I love Flora by Gucci :) this post has just reminded me to start using it again.

    1. That's great, it's definitely one to be using as it smells amazing :)


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