10 Things That Made This Week Awesome...

Sunday, April 27, 2014

Hello ladies, 
after more than a month, I'm back with another 10 things that made this week awesome post.  This week was kinda hectic and a lot of things happened, so here are 10 of them that made me happy.

1. My sister making lunch: One of the things my sister got from the Easter bunny was a cooking book for girls and on Monday she was making lunch. She made some kind of mini pizzas and cupcakes for dessert, and I have to say they were delicious.
You can see how everything turned out in the photo below.

2. Catching up on #Vlogster: Essiebutton aka Estée is one of my favourite Youtubers and I'm living for her beauty videos and vlogs. For the Easter weekend she was doing #Vlogster on her vlog channel and I was loving it.

3. Pizza: On Tuesday my friends from my home town were in Ljubljana and we went to eat and I seriously had the best mozzarella pizza with fresh tomatoes ever. I'm still craving it.

4. Meeting with one of my oldest friends: On Wednesday morning I had a coffee/tea date with one of my oldest friends. I only see her a few times a year as she now lives on the other side of Slovenia, but it's always amazing catching up with her and I just love how we're still great friends after all these years and can still talk about everything even though we don't see each other very regularly. 

5. Stand up & the best Mojito ever: On Thursday me and another friend went to Celje to a Stand up comedy. It was very funny and I had the most delicious Mojito ever. First I thought that it was  because I haven't had one in a long time, but there was something special about it.

6. Buying cute decorations for my sister's birthday: Yesterday my little sister turned 11 and she had a party for her friends. Through Neja's blog, I recently discovered this cute store in Ljubljana called Popolna dekoracija and I went and bought some cute things for the party. The store is definitely worth checking out.

7. Coming home to three packages: Coming home from Ljubljana is always nice, but it's even better when there're three packages waiting for you. You can see one of them on the photo below and I'll be doing first impressions on the products this week.

8. My sister's birthday: As I already mentioned, it was her birthday yesterday and all in all it was a great day. I started baking on Friday and I baked around 50 cupcakes and an Oreo cake, then her friends came and I also helped to entertain them. When they left I baked another cake for our family as we celebrated her birthday today as well.
But the best part about it was her face when she opened the present. We got her a Penny board as she wanted one for two years now, but I was against it since I didn't think it was safe. I changed my mind now, as she seems to be pretty good at penny-boarding and the Penny board actually looks pretty amazing.

9. Spring break holidays: Realising that I have more than a week off from Uni is always awesome, even though I have a lot of work to do.

10. Today: Everything about today was great; spending time with my family, cuddling with my cousin's son, deciding to go on a road trip to Ikea & Seisberg tomorrow with a friend and actually managing to get up all three blog posts.

What was the best thing about your week?


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4 komentarji

  1. Looks like you had a fantastic week! I like these kind of posts! :)
    Essiebutton is one of my favorite youtubers as well, their vlogs are amazing!
    My favorite thing about this week was monday night: games night with my best friends in Ghent and friday night: just a quiet night at home with my parents, youngest brother and sister in law, eating and watching tv ^^

    1. I like them too, I think they make me more grateful for all the little things :)
      Ah, time spent with family & friends is always amazing, right?

  2. Ooo to je pa Branibor Mojito a ne? :D Res je yummi!

    1. Braniborjev je ja :) Mmmm, še zdaj ga sanjam :D


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