February Sparkles a.k.a Monthly favourites

Saturday, March 01, 2014

Hello my lovelies, how are we today? It's time for monthly favourites again and this month I have quite a few since I didn't do one in January. I also decided that from now on, I'm going to title this posts as my *insertmonhthere* sparkles instead of favourites. I think it's a nice combination with the name of my blog and I'm usually not very creative with my other post titles so this is a nice change. Hopefully you'll like it as well.
Now go grab yourself a drink of choice and let's hop into my February sparkles.

Balea Creme-öl Dusch peeling with Apple&Cinnamon:  A few of Slovenian bloggers mentioned this product and I immediately knew I had to get it. I love cinnamon and everything that's related to it and this peeling smells strongly of it with an added hint of apple, which makes is even better. It's really creamy and has tiny particulars so it's not harsh and can be used daily. Since I love it so much and it's LE, I already bought a backup. 

Afrodita Mandelj (Almond proteins & royal jelly) Multiactive Nourishing cream; I've been using the Afrodita Olive night cream for years but I wanted to try something else and decided to try this Almond one. It's really thick, which I prefer when it comes to night creams, smells lovely, doesn't break me out and leaves my skin feeling moisturised and nourished. I think that this one could also work as a day-cream for someone with dry skin. 

Das Gesunde Plus Tea tree oil: I actually forgot to include this in my Best buys of 2013 and I seriously don't know how I lived without it for so long. It's a life saver when it comes to breakouts, it gets rid of them in no time. I also use it whenever I feel like a spot is trying to break out and it prevents that from happening. I'm a big fan of the smell as well, which maybe is a little bit unusual. 

Catrice Crushed Crystals in Oyster&Champagne: I showed you this nail polish in a recent NOTD and judging from the comments a lot of you fell in love with it too. After that NOTD I actually painted my nails with it twice, which rarely happens since I always like to switch between my nail polishes.

Essence Nail art nail polish ultra remover: Since I've been wearing glitters on my nails, I've been using this nail polish remover. In my opinion this one works the best when it comes to removing glitters or any other varnish that is difficult to remove. I've been using it for years and I always have a bottle of it in my stash. 

Catrice LE Rocking Royals Velvet matt lip colour in C02 Of royal blood: A gorgeous purple-fuschia shade that looks amazing on. It's not drying even though it has a matt finish and it's very long-lasting. What more could you wish for in a lipstick?

Maybelline Colour Sensetional lipstick in 132 Sweet Pink: This one is a complete opposite; a nude-pinky shade with a little bit of glitter in it. This one is very creamy and isn't so long-lasting. I also love the smell of it and I'm sure it has been featured in my favourites before. It's an oldie, but a goodie. 

EOS Summer Fruit lip balm: Another product that smells amazing. I was so excited when my friend gave me this for Christmas as I always wanted to try the oh-so famous EOS lip balms. They're not the most hydrating lip balms out there, but they're aren't bad either. I love the packaging and the application is so amusing. 

Rimmel Stay Matte long lasting pressed powder: Again an oldie but a goodie that has been in my favourites before. Ever since I fell in love with Essence All about matt powders, I forgot about this one. But when I was re-arranging my makeup I decided to start using it again. I instantly remembered why this is the bomb.com; it's so finely milled, it never sticks to any dry patches (which the Essence one can sometimes do) and it keep the shine away.

Illamasqua Sculpting duo: I was raving about it when I reviewed it here, but since I have been using it every day, I had to include it in my favourites as well. Truly amazing product. 

L'oreal False lash wings Butterfly effect fibers mascara: I did a first impression on this mascara back in May and since then my Mum has actually repurchased it, but I've stolen it from her again. If you're searching for a mascara that will separate your lashes and give them a little bit of volume but A LOT of length, look no further.Thanks Mum for repurchasing it, otherwise I would probably forgot about it.

Deborah Milano Lash Creator Volume&care mascara; Another forgotten but wonderful product. This one, on the other hand, will give your lashes tons of volume, which is normally something I don't look for in a mascara, but it was a nice change. It's almost completely empty but I think I'm going to repurchase it since all of my other mascaras are mostly lengthening and sometimes you just need to spice things up. 

Essence TE Love letters Eye pencil in Grey-headed lovebird: I tend to avoid using eye pencils on my waterline because the black ones just make my eyes look smaller. This one is a grey-taupe shade that compliments my eye colour and doesn't makes them look smaller. I've been wearing it a lot, both on my waterline and as a winged eyeliner. It's also great for smudging. 

Urban Decay Naked 3: What can I say about this one other than it's my one true love. It's unbelievably stunning and in my free time I like to stare at it.  Here's my first impression and I haven't stopped using it since then.

Bh Cosmetics Jenni Rivera 36 color eyeshadow & blush palette: A few times I forced myself to use another palette than the Naked 3 & I used this one. It doesn't get as much love as it should, but I promise I'll start using it more often. It has a nice range of shades that are very soft and pigmented, as are the blushes. Let me know, if you would like a more detailed review with all of the swatches. 

Oriflame Professional foundation brush: This brush was being completely neglected since I don't like using it for my foundation, until Dulce Candy mentioned how she likes to use a brush like this for applying face masks. I tried it once and I never looked back. With a help of a brush like this, you'll apply just the right amount of face mask without getting it all over your hands and under your nails, plus it's so much quicker. If you have an extra flat foundation brush lying around, try using it to apply face masks. I promise you, you'll love it. 

UBU Bronze Bombshell bronzer brush (NO. 15): I mentioned it in my Illamasqua Sculpting duo review but I didn't show it to you. As you can see, it's very thin and it fits perfectly in the hollows of your cheeks. It picks up just the right amount of product and can be used for highlighting as well. I normally use it whenever I want to have a strong contour. 

Ebay #217 eye shading brush: I was looking for a cheaper version of the MAC 217 brush and I found this one for  £0.99. I ordered two and I love them so much that I already ordered three more. It's slightly bigger and fluffier than the MAC one, which makes is perfect for blending all the shades together and getting rid of any harsh lines, while the MAC one is better for getting right into the crease. If someone's interested, I got it from this buyer.

Top; Five of my favourite shades from the Bh Cosmetics palette and the Essence Eye pencil on far right
Bottom: Maybelline Sweet Pink and Catrice C02 Of Royals Blood

Have you tried any of these products? Which product was your sparkle in February?


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12 komentarji

  1. wooow, res top izdelki. Paletka naked 3 je amazing. :3
    mi je pa tudi noro všeč un balzam EOS. sploh ker praviš da fajn diši. :) si bom pa zagotovo nabavila tole šminko od maybelline. :))

    1. Naked 3 je beyond amazing, EOS pa res noro diši :) Upam, da ti bo všeč :)

  2. That is such a good idea to use an old foundation brush for face masks! Thanks for sharing!!


    1. Yeah, I thought it was a brilliant idea as well, hopefully you'll like it as much as I do :)

  3. That Jenni Rivera palette looks amazing! I've been eyeing it for a long time! :)

    1. You should get it! It's seriously amazing for the price.

  4. Ravno razmišljam o nakupu Naked3. Z dvojko sem ful zadovoljna ampak me trojka tudi mika :)

    1. Js sm ravno dvojko pred kratkim dobila, ampak si še nisem ustvarila mnenja o njej. Zgleda že obetavno, čeprav mi je pa na prvi pogled trojka najlepša :)

  5. wow ! sami čudoviti izdelki ! Sem čisto jealous zdej xD


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