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Friday, January 03, 2014

Hello ladies, 
today I'll be showing you what my ideal palette would look like.
The lovely Taya tagged me to do this at the beginning of December and it actually took me a month to finally decide which eyeshadows to choose.
I really need to start working on being better at making decisions. 
I actually already took photos once before, but I wasn't happy with the result, so this time I decided to choose the shades that I wear quite regularly and I wasn't allowed to choose shades from the Naked3, because it's still pretty new. 
I have to say I'm quite happy with the way it turned out, but if I could choose some more shades, I would definitely include a few from Naked3, maybe one or two more from the Jenni Rivera for BH Cosmetics palette and one or two more from the Sleek palette. I would also include a matte black eyeshadow, because I like using it for creating a winged line. 
See, I'm telling you I have a real problem with making decisions. 
Now enough rambling, and let's jump to the tag. 

There are a few rules. You have to choose:
2 Highlighting colours
2 Lid colours
2 Crease colours
2 Outer corner colours
2 Bonus shadows
Palette packaging

Highlighting colour: M. A. C. Phloof!

 Phloof! is a white shade with pink undertones and it has a frost finish. It's very shimmery and if you don't like obvious highlighters, this one is definitely not for you. I tend to gravitate towards this one whenever I want to feel and look all glammed up, or whenever I want to look more awake than I actually am. It looks gorgeous as a brow bone highlighter, as an inner corner highlighter, or just as an all over lid shade. 

Highlighting colour: W. O. S. from UD Naked Basics

For me, this one is more of an everyday highlighting shade. Because it's matte and more nude-pink, it's not as obvious as Phloof! is, but it'll still make you look awake. Again, it works great on your brow bone, inner corner or just all over your lid to cancel out any redness or discolouration. 

Lid colour: SIN from UD Naked

This one could technically also be included with the highlighting  shades, but I mostly use it as an all over lid colour. It just brightness up your whole face and I usually top it off with a matte brown shade in the crease and I'm good to go. 

Lid colour: Propose in Prague from Sleek Vintage Romance

aka my lazy day shade. Whenever I feel extremely lazy in the mornings, but at the same time still want to look decent at Uni, I just put this all over my lids, blend a little bit and the magic is done. I also think it's a very interesting shade, it's brown, with some orange undertones, and it makes my eyes look more blue than they really are. 

Crease colour: Naked 2 from UD Naked Basics

Of course I had to include one of my all time favourites shades. I love this one because it's so versatile. It's a matte, greyish brown shade, that for me, works great all over the lids, or in the crease, I can use it to fill in my brows and I heard some girls talking about how it also makes a great contour shade, I tried it and it actually looks pretty good. I really like combining this with SIN, it's easy and it looks natural yet put together.

Crease colour: M. A. C. Woodwinked

Golden brown shade with metallic shine, that again, makes my eyes pop. This one has the veluxe pearl finish.  I don't know why, but to me this shade looks very glamorous and festive. I get asked what's on my eyes almost every time I wear it. I definitely understand all the fuss around this one. 

Outer corner colour: HUSTLE from UD Naked

Dark brown shade that works great as an outer corner shade. If you like doing smokey looks, but are afraid to use a black eyeshadow, this one would definitely be for you. I actually used it in my New Year's eve FOTD.

Outer corner colour: No-name shade from Jenni Rivera for BH Cosmetics 
36 color eyeshadow & blush palette

This one is quite similar to HUSTLE, but it's a little bit more bronzy and not as dark. Just like Woodwinked, this one has a slight metallic shine as well. If you own this palette, it's the fifth shade in the second row.
I need to start using this palette more often because it has some gorgeous shades in it.

Bonus shadow: M. A. C. Mythology

If you have blue or green eyes, this one is a must for you. Seriously, it'll make your eyes look so vibrant and in my opinion it's one of the prettiest shades that I own. It's a true coppery shade and the glitters are slightly bigger, that's probably why this one is the least pigmentation from this group.  I still think that the pigmentation is good and if you're interested, it has a lustre finish.

Bonus shadow: Sahara Treasure, L'oreal Color Infallible 

I also just had to include this one because the formulation and colour pay off is simply amazing. I also love, love this one, it's a golden shade and to me it kinda looks like it could have a slight green undertone. And again, it's very versatile.

Palette packaging

I went with the Sleek one. I think that this one would be great for travelling or carrying around because it's so compact, it also doesn't take up a lot of room since it's so small and thin, plus it comes with a huge mirror. But mine would probably not be black, rather be rose gold and sparkly.

And this is how my palette would look like: 

I tag all of you who haven't already done this tag and feel free to leave me your links if you decide to do it or if you already did it.


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18 komentarji

  1. This is a really interesting tag! Your palette would be so gorgeous!

    1. Thanks, you should definitely do it as well :)

  2. Lepa senčila si izbrala, bi mi bila tvoja paleta všeč za vsak dan, vidim pa, da nisi ravno za barve. :P Me je pa zelo navdušilo Macovo senčilo, zame je popolno za uporabo v notranjem kotičku očesa. :)

    1. Ne, za barve pa res nisem. Vsaj zaenkrat še ne :) Ja Phloof je res krasen odtenek :)

  3. That's such a fun tag! :D
    'Sin' is one of my favorite eyeshadows for the lid, it's perfect for everyday :D

    1. Do it :) I couldn't agree more, and I love how it looks like I've barely used it, but have been using it almost every day :)

  4. Great choices :)

  5. What a cool tag! Woodwinked is one of my favorites!


    1. I'm glad you liked it and Woodwinked is one of my favourites as well :)

  6. Love sleek make-up, thanks for swatches!
    Obsessed with your blog, new follower :)
    .Georgina Clare.

    1. Thanks Georgina, hope you'll like reading future posts as well :)

  7. Probaj narediti look z Woodwinked. Ful bi kupila to barvo ampak me je strah da bi bila preveč oranžna :)

    1. Will do...Pa pomojem ne bi bla preveč oranžna no :)

  8. Čisto vsa so mi všeč, popolnoma moj stil, v lepih naravnih tonih. :))

    1. No potem imava pa podoben okus :)

  9. Woodwinked moram nujno nabaviti! :)


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