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Saturday, January 25, 2014

Hello ladies, as you already know, blogger was down yesterday. Even when it supposedly started working again, I had major issues with it; it just didn't want to upload my photos. So instead we will be talking about my current obsessions today.
In December I told you about an amazing bloggers event that I was invited to and I showed you the goodies we got. In the past month I finally started testing the products and today, I'm going to share a few that I tried and I fell madly in love with. I'm also planning on reviewing some of their other products since I haven't yet tried every one, or maybe I'll even do a part two to this, if I end up really liking them.

First I'll talk about a few products from their Holiday collection Cacao collection. Since I'll probably say this too many times, I'll just start by saying that THIS COLLECTION SMELLS HEAVENLY! 
I'm not sure if it's still available, but if it is, go and buy something from it, you won't regret it.

1. Collection Cacao Cocoa& Raspberry perfumed body lotion: I was very sceptical about this one, because I had some bad experience with perfumed body lotions in the past. The ones that I tried, made my skin itchy and even more dry, but this one doesn't do that.
It has a very strong scent, but I love it, because the scent lingers on your skin and you smell like a dark raspberry chocolate. 
But it doesn't just smell nice, oh no, it actually moisturises your skin and makes it very soft and smooth. The consistency is very creamy and light, and it absorbs very quickly into your skin. 
Whenever I'm having a stressful day, I use the matching shampoo, add this on top and I feel like a delicious, yummy chocolate. I already bought a back up. 

2. Collection Cacao Cocoa& Pistachio Nut hand cream: I don't know if I told you this already, but I'm very picky when it comes to hand creams. They need to be moisturising but at the same time not greasy and they need to sink into my skin quickly without leaving any residue. I hate when creams leave your hands so greasy they just slide of every thing. How the hell am I supposed to drive, if my hand will just slide off the steering wheel?
Well, this one made the cut. At first I wasn't sure about the smell, but once I applied it, I started to like it. It's moisturising, it absorbs quickly and doesn't leave any greasy residue. 

3. Collection Cacao Cocoa & Orange sparkling shower gel: This is the cutest shower gel ever. Just look at those sparkles, how can you not like that?
To me, this one smells like Jaffa cakes, again very yummy. The only problem I have with the products from Cacao collection is, that I'm always tempted to eat them. Or should I say drink them? But  that would probably be the stupidest thing ever, so I'll keep on resisting.
The sparkles won't stay on your skin, but I actually wouldn't mind if they did. I think it would look awesome, especially in the Summer.
Oh, and if you're wondering why this shower gel looks like it hasn't been used, its' because this first photo is from the time I just got the products and since it already had all the products I wanted to talk about included, I didn't bother with taking a new one. 

4. Expert Reparation Repair Lotion for extra dry skin: This is a heavy duty body lotion with shea butter. It's thick and due to that, it won't absorb into your skin as quickly as the Cocoa&Raspberry one, but it doesn't feel sticky or greasy. It's also paraben free. 
My legs get extremely dry and itchy whenever the weather gets cold or windy, and this is a life saver since it's an instant relief from dryness and itchiness.

5. Vanille CollectOR Eau de toilette intense: This was also a part of their Christmas collection but they do have a permanent Vanilla line that smells similar to this. The scent is very strong and warm, perfect for colder months. When you first apply it, it's almost a bit too strong, but after a few minutes it fades a little bit and starts smelling divine. On me, this is really long lasting and the scent stays on your clothes. 
Since I love the scent so much, I bought a full sized shower gel and I also have samples sized Shimmering shower gel and Shimmering body lotion, which I haven't tried yet. I even got my friend hooked on this smell, so I bought her a full sized Eau de toilette for Christmas.

6. Bio Culture Nourishing lip balm: Again, it's paraben free and made from 99% natural origin ingredients. 
I like it because it feels very nourishing on the lips, it's not sticky and it gives your lips this nice glossy, almost plumping look. Even though I'm not a massive fan of honey, I like the smell of this one. The only thing that bothers me, is the taste, but it's not like I'm eating it, so I can easily avoid that. 

And now the two products that completely knocked me off my feet. 
7. Collection Cacao Cocoa&Raspberry perfumed shower gel: This is my favourite shower gel of all times. I can't get over the smell, I really can't. It's smells exactly the same as the body lotion, and the scent doesn't just vanish into thin air once you step out of the shower, but it actually stays on your skin. 
It doesn't dry up my skin, it makes it very soft, it lathers up nicely and even my Mum and Sister are obsessed with it. Starts singing: I just can't get enough, oh I just can't get enough 
I'm not even ashamed to admit, that I bought five of them. Yes, FIVE. And on top of that, I also got the matching Sparkling shower gel from my friend. 

8. Pure Calmille Cleansing gel: I think this was the biggest surprise of the bunch. When I decided to try it,  I was wearing a lot of makeup and was prepared for the worst; sore, red, itchy, panda eyes, dried up skin and maybe even some future breakouts. But boy was I wrong.
This doesn't irritate my eyes in the slightest, it gets rid of all the makeup, including The Rocket mascara and eyeliner. The skin feels ridiculously soft, smooth and cleansed, like it was polished, but in a good way. 
The scent is very fresh, it smells like camomile. It's a gel like consistency that just melts off the makeup - take a look at the photos below. 
I'm seriously in love with this product, it's the bomb. com.
I even made my Mum and friend try it because I was curious to know what they would think, and they both seem to like it.
I really don't know why I haven't tried any cleansing balm or gels before, but now these products are on top of my wishlist.

Before & during 

I really think Yves Rocher is an underrated brand, especially here in Slovenia. I'm so happy I was able to get informations about it and to try their products, because they're really good and I'll definitely be one of their regular costumers. I already have their rewards card for collecting points.

If you're interested, you can also see one of their lipstick and pigmented here.

I hope you liked this post and if there's a Yves Rocher store near you, go and take a look around.


I would like to add that these are my own, honest opinions, I wasn't told to talk about Yves Rocher products even if they were given to me. 

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14 komentarji

  1. Super post :) kaksne so pa cene izdelkov?

    1. Hvala, cene so pa ugodne, sploh če primerjaš npr. z Lush ali pa L'occitane, ki imata recimo podobno politiko proizvajanja...Najboljše, da si na njihovi strani pogledaš za izdelke, ki te zanimajo Link

  2. Res super, da se kaj piše tudi o YR izdelkih. :) Sem šla že parkrat googlat, kaj se splača vzet, pa ni kaj dosti za prebrat. Vidim, da si čisto navdušena nad kakav in malina LE :)

    1. To kakav in malina se ti RES splača vzet, pa kolk sm vidla na strani so še na voljo in znižani :)
      Če si kdaj v Lj ti res priporočam, da greš malo pokukat, ker imajo res veliko izbiro in boš ziher našla kaj za sebe :)

  3. I recently found out about this brand. I really want to try it too, but it is not available in stores here in the U.S. Well, not where I live and I am not comfortable shopping online, especially when I don't know what to expect. I am really impressed by the aloe gel and want it!!! Aloe is soothing I know, but does it leave your skin dry-smooth or soft-smooth?

    1. Here in Slovenia they also only have one store which is really a shame, because as you said a lot of people aren't comfortable with shopping online.
      Definitely soft-smooth, it doesn't dry my skin out in the slightest :)

  4. Btw thank you for leaving a comment on my L'Oreal Extraordinaire lip colors post. I like to reply back on the commentor's blog instead of on mine b/c I think it is tough to check back. I do hope these come to your place b/c I think the range has quite a few shades you would like --- my opinion based on your lovely lip color collection. :)

    1. Oh, no problem and that's a great idea..Aw, thanks :)

  5. The Expert Reparation Repair Lotion is my favorite body lotion of all time! I understand the feeling of wanting to drink the shower gels... they smell delicious! ;)

    1. We have such similar taste and thanks for understanding me. Someone might think I'm a crazy person :P

  6. Cleansing gel zgleda pa res super! Drugače pa tudi jaz ratam lačna, ko uporabljam njihovo Cacao kolekcijo. Produkti mi dišijo kot Lindtove čokolade, haha.

    1. Ja, čisto me je presenetil :) Haha, no super da nisem edina :D

  7. Mmm, tale kakav kolekcija mora dišat božansko :) Nisem še nič probala od njih, ker nisem vedla kaj in nisem mela potrebe.
    Super post.

    1. Božansko bo kar prava beseda ja, hvala :)


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