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Tuesday, January 07, 2014

Hello ladies, 
since January is all about reminiscing about the year that has just passed, and since everyone is showing their favourite products of 2013, I thought it was time to jump on that bandwagon. I decided that instead of showing you my favourite products in general, I'll show you my favourite products that I bought this past year. 
This is the first part, and it's going to be all about beauty related things, from skin care to makeup brushes, and the second part is exclusively going to be about makeup. I'm also planning on writing about products that I regret buying, but that will probably be up next week.

I won't be reviewing products into details, but I will paste a link to any other reviews or post that include informations about the products. Also, sometimes, I'll be referring to a specific brand as a whole, and not just the colour/shade. If you see something that you're really interested in and I haven't reviewed it yet, please let me know, and I'll definitely write a more in depth review.
Having said that, I already know these posts will be extremely long, so grab yourself a cup of tea right now.


  • Queen Helene Mint Julep Masque: All I will say is that this has become a staple in my skincare routine, I use it regularly and I noticed quite a difference in the size of my pores and the amount of my blackheads. Here's my first impression on this face mask.
  • Alverde Clear Washcreme: I bought this for my sister because she was breaking out during the summer and I started using it as well. I really like it, I mostly use it whenever I'm not wearing any, or a lot of, makeup because then I feel like I don't need something a little bit harsher, like the Himalaya peeling, I'm usually using. 
  • Das Gesunde plus Teebaumöl (tea tree oil): Again, another product I bought for my sister but I ended up using myself. I saw a lot of bloggers talking about using tea tree oil as a spot treatment and it really helped my sister. I've been using the Garnier SOS pen as my spot treatment for years, but I actually think that this works better. When my scalp was very irritated because of the Syoss dry shampoo, I also mixed this with coconut oil and used it as a hair mask, and it really calmed my scalp.
  • Ebelin Gesichtspeeling and massagepad: This peeling and massage pad is amazing. After a long day at Uni or if I'm wearing heavy makeup, I always feel so much better if I use this pad. Your face will  feel really cleansed and soft, and Taya even said that it supposed to work great for washing your makeup brush. I still need to get another one, to try that.

  • Afrodita Young&Pure Refresh - Deep Hydrating Anti-imperfections refreshing toner: I like this toner because I really think that it makes a difference. 
  • This past year I also discovered or should I say, started using serums. I only tried two, but I liked both of them. I reviewed the L'oreal Skin Perfection Advanced correcting serum here. But before I started using that one, I used the Balea Aqua serum which is lighter and more hydrating. 
  • I also discovered micellar waters. I recently blogged about them and in the meantime I also tried the Garnier version, which also irritated my eyes, so I'm only featuring Bioderma in this post, because for me, it's the absolute winner. 
  • I also have to mention the Himalaya Under eye cream because, for now,  it's the only eye cream that helped with my under eye circles. I don't currently own it because I was trying some other creams but I reviewed it here.


Favourite brands were without a doubt
  • Essie and Bourjois 1 seconde Gel silicon texture. The formulation of these nail polishes is simply amazing, they're very opaque and they last the longest on my nails. Here you can see some of these polishes in action: Essie, Essie 2, Bourjois.
And now a few specific shades:

  • Revlon Vixen: see here.
  • Deborah ShineTech Gel like polish in 05: I actually own another shade and the formulation of these is simply wonderful, if you like gel-like polishes, definitely try this. Swatch here.
  • Maybelline Forever strong super stay gel nail colour in Mint for life: My go-to summer shade of 2013. Click to see it.
  • Artdeco Ceramic Nail lacquer in 139: For all my girls who love blue nail polishes, you definitely need this one.
  • Essence Metal glam gold topper in Steel-ing the scene: NOTD
  • L'oreal Confetti's top coat: NOTD


  • I finally found dry shampoo(s) that don't irritate my scalp and that actually work. I'm talking about the Batiste Dry Shampoo and thanks to Živa I also found Schauma Cotton Fresh dry shampoo. I already repurchased both of them.
  • Dove Nourishing Oil Care Express Treatment Conditioner: A huge thank you goes to Mateja for raving about it, because this conditioner it the I was obsessing over it in this post and I'm still completely in love with it.
  • Phyto Phytoapaisant soothing treatment shampoo: I was immediately drawn to this when I saw it in Paris because it says that it's for sensitive and irritated scalp and I decided to pick it up. I'm so glad that I did because when my scalp was so irritated from Syoss dry shampoo, this was a lifesaver. It really works wonders for my and my sister's scalp, who has even more sensitive scalp than I do.


  • Borotalco invisible anti-white and yellow stains is the best deodorant I've ever tried. This will prevent you from sweating no matter what you do, it won't stain your clothes and it has a really lovely smell that won't interfere with your perfume.
  • Zara perfumes. I talked about Zara's Black Amber in my July favourites and there I also mentioned that I got the Femme (the white one) as well. They're really affordable, you also get a mini roll-on in the package, which is great for carrying in your handbag, they smell delicious and the scent lasts a long time.


  • Real Technique Core collection set - Buffing & Contour brush: Simply amazing. I talked about Contour brush in my November favourites and whenever I'm not using a sponge to apply my foundation, I'm using the Buffing brush.
  • I also talked about Body&Soul angled brush in my November favourites. Since I really got into contouring this year, this was very helpful, because it really helps with blending any harsh lines.
  • M. A. C. 217: I definitely think everyone who uses makeup on a daily basis should own this brush. Blending becomes effortless with it. This one is featured in my August and September favourites.
  • Essence makeup sponge: Because of this one, I completely fell in love with makeup sponges and I want to try out as many as I can. Here is my First impression.
  • Real Techniques Miracle Complexion sponge: Since I love RT brushes and I love sponges, I of course had to get the RT sponge. This one is slightly softer than the Essence one and it's also shaped differently. 
So these were my favourite beauty buys of 2013. I hope you didn't fall asleep reading this and that you maybe found something that you would like to try out.


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18 komentarji

  1. Zelo lep izbor:) Imam veliko enakih izdelkov:) Bourjois laki so res super. Očitno sem jaz edina, ki ji Essie laki po drugem dnevu že grejo dol:/

    1. A res? No meni zdržijo po en teden, verjetno bi še dlje če se ne bi naveličala barve...Je pa škoda no da ti tak mal zdržijo, ker niso ravno poceni ne :)

  2. Vidim, da imava kar nekaj istih favoritov. Jaz uporabljam ta Body&Soul čopič za highlight in je super.:)

    1. Ti čisto verjamem, ker imam še enega Ebelin, ki ga tudi uporabljam za highlight, čeprav bolj poredko, in je skoraj isti kot tale :)

  3. Mint Julep maska in Alverde krema za umivanje sta tudi meni top! :D Moja kolekcija Essie lakcev tudi strmo narašča... ;)

    Tole Ebelin 'gobico' oz. 'krtačko' pa nikjer ne najdem... a jo še imajo? Jaz bi jo sicer imela bolj za čopiče umivat kot za obraz...

    1. Če pa imajo preveč lepe barve :)
      Js sm ravno tole na novo kupila dva tedna nazaj v našem lokalnem mi zdi, da so tu pri nas vedno na zalogi...

  4. Yay, favourites :D. Kje si dobila Revlonov Vixen? Ga že miljon let iščem, na našem koncu ga sploh ni. In Mint for Life je pri nas? Kaj vse zamujam :)
    Batiste Tropical je res kul. Sem pa zdaj imela šanso Blush varjanto sprobat in res lepo diši (me na orhidejino noto iz L'Occitanove stare Vanillije spominja), samo je pa čist bel. Pa ista firma, go figure.

    1. Sem mislila da bo bolj nay, ker bojo tak dolge te objave :) Vixen sem dobila v Lj v Müllerju, Mint for Life pa v Parizu...mislim, da ga pri nas še ni :)
      Js sm ravno zaj naročila še Blush in pa Original verzijo ampak še nisem nobenga sprobala :)

  5. Kar precej telih izdelkov je tudi meni všeč. Pa krtačko moram nujno najti za čopiče umivat. :)

    1. Super :) No pol pa hitro v DM, morem še sama si eno kupit da vidim če bo šlo :)

  6. The massage pad looks very interesting! Great finds! :-)


    1. Yeah, it works great. Thanks :)

  7. awww super stvari. Prvo sem se zagledala v Essije, logično. :3 noro lepa barvna zbirka, hjoooj, bi ti ukradla kakšnega. :P

    Drugače pa mi je všeč tudi vse ostalo. sploh tale shaumna. :) zgleda ok, bo treba probat.


    1. Se mi je kar zdelo, ko vem, da si tudi ti nora nanje :)
      Tale suhi šampon od Schaume je pa res super, kar sprobaj :)

  8. Nice picks. :) I really want to try one of the blending sponges, I've heard so many good things! I love the look of the sparkly Essie polish.
    Spider Leg Lashes xo

    1. You should give them a go, I apply my foundation so much faster and it's a life saver if you have any dry patches. And the sparkly Essie is like Christmas in the bottle :)

  9. Ah I loveeeeeeee Bioderma too! I've tried alternative micellar waters but nothing comes close to the Bioderma! Xx


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