Sunday's chit-chat: Yves Rocher event (picture heavy)

Sunday, December 15, 2013

Hey, hey, hey
today I have a very, very, very, very excited blog post for you. Well, at least I'm super excited to be able to write about it. Also, please bare with me, since excited will probably be over-used in this post. 
As you probably know, my first blogoversary was on the 27th and that day I woke up feeling very happy because I couldn't wait to thank all of you with my giveaway. As any other day, I went to Uni, not knowing how great this day would turn out to be. 
When I got home, I checked my e-mail and there it was; my first invitation to a bloggers event. 
I started jumping around my apartment, making weird noises, I instantly called my Mum and then my friend, laughing into the phone like a crazy person. Luckily my friend was as excited, if not even more, as me, so she understood why I was acting like this ,and didn't call the mental hospital to come and pick me up. 
I won't even try and pretend that I didn't act like this the entire day, but I promise I wasn't on drugs, I was just over the moon.
Not only would this be my first bloggers event, but it also meant that I could met some of my fellow Slovenian bloggers and on top op that, it was my blogoversary. And then the countdown began and I couldn't wait for Thursday to roll around. 
Before the event, me and other bloggers decided to get a cup of tea so that we could get to know each other. I was joined by Sara from Passing fancy, Sandra from The puzzle of Sandra's life, Maja from Pink mascara and Nuša from Moonchild beauty
I was actually quite nervous because I only knew Sara, and I wasn't sure if we would have something to talk about, plus I can be very shy. But boy, was I wrong. We chatted like old friends, drooled over Maja's UD De-slick mattifying powder and Revolution lipstick, popped into Müller and then it was time for the Yves Rocher event.

When we walked into the store, there were three lovely ladies waiting for us. They seated us at a table that was full of sweats and drinks. They started the presentation by telling us the history behind Yves Rocher, about their work and about the Yves Rocher founder. For me, this was very interesting, since I really didn't know much about this brand, but was very curious since all the products in the store looked so nice. 

Then they showed us their most famous products and we got to smell and try everything we wanted. I was in some kind of scent coma, since everything smelled so divine. I was going around thinking to myself, I need that, and that, and that, and that.
 At the end we went to the beauty counter and things got a little bit crazy. I think that we probably swatched almost every single product. 

When we're done running around the store, smelling and swatching everything, we got into a lovely conversation with the Yves Rocher ladies. We chatted about make-up, our favourite products, we even gossiped and complained a little bit. I really think that all three ladies made this experience even more wonderful, because they were so open, kind and funny.

 Yves Rocher ladies




On top of everything, at some point the ladies started to bring us tons and tons of goodies.  I felt really awkward because I wasn't expecting to get anything, and they were really, really generous. I think that none of us actually realised how much stuff we got and we were all a bit overwhelmed. 

All goodies came perfectly wrapped, but of course I couldn't wait to take photos before taking them out of the packaging because on Friday when I got home, I forced my family to smell and look at everything. This was a big mistake, because now they want to steal at least a half of the products. 
 But fortunately, Maja was more patient, so if you want to see that, go and check out her post.

 Cacao collection Cocoa&Raspberry perfumed body lotion, 
Cocoa&Orange sparkling shower gel, Cocoa&Pistachio nut hand cream

 Reparation Nutri-Repair treatment shampoo and Hair repair oil, 
Nutrition Nutri-silky conditioner

 Manoi de Tahiti dry body oil,
 Expert reparation Repair lotion for extra dry skin

 Pure Calmille cleansing gel, 
3 min Cranberry cooling effect mask

 Vaille Collect OR Shimmering body lotion, 
Eau de toilette intense, Shimmering shower gel

 Blackberry Eau de toilette, Showe gel and Fizzy bath cube

 Bio culture Nourishing lip balm, Sexy Pulp ultra volume mascara, 1
00% Natural origin loose pearls in 03 Nacres dorees and 
Grand Rouge lipstick in 03 Rouge Gourmand

Samples of Soothing decongesting eye care cream, Hydra vegetal 24h rich hydrating cream, 
Pure Calmille cream and a pack of perfume samples

A massive thank you to Yves Rocher Slovenija for inviting me and thanks to the girls for making us feel special and relaxed. It was a wonderful day and I had a blast. 
Also thank you Maja for being our paparazzi for the night, when I get a chance, I'll return the favour. And hopefully we all can get together again and chat some more. 

I still can't believe I was invited and sorry for making this post so long, but I just had to include as much as I could.

I'm planning on doing a few reviews and first impressions, but if you have any specific request, feel free to let me know.


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6 komentarji

  1. That looks like such a good day! I hope I get to go to a blogger event one day.

    1. It was an amazing day, yes :) I'll keep my fingers crossed, I wasn't expecting to get an invitation as well :)

  2. Super blogec! In wau, vsi ti izdelki me imajo, da bi kar šla v šoping :D

    Moj blog:

    1. Hvala, ti definitivno priporočam, da obiščeš trgovino, sem prepričana, da boš najdla nekaj zase, pa še vse zelo diši :)

  3. Jp, res smo se mele fajn... In ni problema, sem z veseljem bila 'designated photographer' for the night :D

    1. hahaha dobra tale z designated photographer :)


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