Photo diary #3: The Christmas week

Monday, December 30, 2013

Hello ladies, 
this blog post was supposed to be up yesterday, but I had some technical difficulties with my phone, so I'll be showing you my past week in photos today. Better late than never right?
 If I had to sum up this past week, I could do it with two words; food & family.
All week we've been having lots of people over, from family to close friends, and we have been eating too much food. But it was a great week, nonetheless. 

 Sunday, 22. 12. 2013
Cleaning up the makeup mess; I somehow always manage to make a huge mess while getting ready and I never, ever clean it up right away, I tend to leave it there for the next day.
Catching up with Pinterest: Lately I didn't have a lot of free time so Pinterest was neglected. Since Sunday's are in my eyes reserved for relaxing, I had to go a little bit Pinterest crazy.
Blogging: Sunday's are usually also blogging days. Sunday's post are one of my favourite posts to write since they're usually a lot more personal and random.
And I like personal and randomness.
Organising my life: These past two months I developed a new organising routine and I love it. I really think I get a lot more things done and I don't forget as much as I used to. Will probably do a blog post in the near future.
It was also my dog's birthday on Sunday. Princess Daisy is now 6 years old.
I somehow forgot to take a picture of the birthday girl.

Monday, 23. 12. 2013

Getting my Naked 3 palette: I won't bore you again with my excitement, that is still ongoing, but if you're interested, you can check out my First impression.
Watching Estée aka Essiebutton vlogs: If I could, I always started my day with watching her Vlogmas video. She's by far one of my favourite Youtubers and I loved the Reggie cam. I hope she'll continue vlogging as much as she can. 
Cake, cake, cake: It was my cousins 11th birthday and of course we had cake. She actually had two different cakes and of course I had to have a slice of both.
My favourite winter mug: Not only do I separate nail polishes according to seasons, I also separate my usual mugs from my winter mugs. This snowman mug is one of my favourites and I've been drinking a lot of tea recently, since I'm feeling like I may be getting down with something.

Tuesday/ Christmas eve, 24. 12. 2013

Finishing my Advent calender: The day started with eating the last chocolate from my Advent calender. It's been a good one and I'm looking forward to eating 24 more chocolates the next year.
Cute wrapping paper > bad wrapping skills: This was my strategy when the time to wrap the presents came. I think it was more or less successful.
Exchanging first presents: In my family we open presents on Christmas morning, but me and my friend decided to exchange presents the day before, because we couldn't wait any longer. We also drank mulled wine while opening them, just to make it even more festive.
Look at all the sparkles and amazing wrapping skills: She has the best wrapping skills ever, her presents are always so nicely wrapped that you actually feel bad opening them. This year she also put sparkles inside the box which was also very nice.

Wednesday/ Christmas day, 25. 12. 2013

Opening presents, before&after: My sister woke me up at 7. am then we went and woke up our parents together, as we always do. This year we did great with picking up the presents, everyone seemed to be very excited and happy. My sister was without a doubt the happiest, because she desperately wanted a new phone and she got it.
Spending the day in my pj's and fuzzy socks: I spent the majority of the day in my pj's and fuzzy socks. If I could, I would go to my Grandma's house like that, but of course I couldn't since you never know who might come to visit her. At the end there were just my closest relatives and they are all used to seeing me in my pj's so I could definitely pulled that off.
Sneak peak of my Christmas FOTD: I decided to do a festive FOTD but the pictures didn't turn out as I expected, so I had to recreate this looks and hopefully it will be up tomorrow, as my New Years Eve makeup.
Watching the Holiday: The last three years or so, I always finish the Christmas day with watching the Holiday. This is my ultimate favourite Christmas movie, and if by any chance you haven't watch it yet, go and watch it right now.

Thursday, 26. 12. 2013

Staying in bed: On Thursday morning I really didn't feel like leaving the bed, so I just lied there for a really long time. It was just so cosy and warm under the blankets.
Potica: aka my drug this week. I've been eating it like nobody's business. There is a big chance that it may be Potica running down my veins and not blood. 
The cutest makeup bag: I got this makeup bag as a part of my Christmas gift from a friend. It's it adorable?
Pampering evening: Since Thursday was more or less a very lazy day, I decided to finish it with style; with a good pampering session. 

Friday, 27. 12. 2013

New makeup goodies: I received something new to test out. I'm really excited to try this and let you know how I'll get along with it. It's a set of highlighters.
My first banana bread: Friday was a baking day. I baked my first banana bread and it was delicious. Will be baking another one soon, I'll probably try mixing nuts into it, as I seen some recipes on a few blogs.
Baking and decorating cookies: We had a full house of children on Friday and they baked some cookies. But the most exciting part for them was decorating. I think they did a great job and the cookies were yummy as well. 

Saturday, 28. 12. 2013

Another package: I ordered some Yves Rocher goodies and they came in the mail. I think our postman thinks I have a shopping problem, since lately I've been getting quite a few packages. I also think he doesn't appreciate seeing my sleepy face, messy hair and pj's every morning.
I have a confession to make: I'm obsessed with the Yves Rocher Cocoa& Raspberry scent. When I was Christmas shopping the week before, I got this shower gel, because I already had the body lotion and it smelled really great. The minute I took a shower with it, I knew I had to get more, so I did. I also got the sparkling shower gel as a Christmas gift, so this is my current ''collection''.
Doing work for Uni: I finally did some work for Uni, as I've been procrastinating all week. But it's always better to spend time with your family then deal with Uni stuff.
Ljubljana: On Saturday's afternoon we decided to drive to Ljubljana to see the Christmas lights. I actually already seen them, but my family didn't and they loved it. On our way back, we also stopped at Trojane, to pick up some doughnuts, since my Dad and Sister love them.

Sunday, 29. 12. 2013

Letting my hair dry naturally: I hate washing my hair in the morning, but since on Saturday we got home pretty late, I just had to do it. I was too lazy to blow-dry it, so I just let it dry naturally.
Reading a book: One of my New Year's resolutions is definitely going to be to read more books. It seems like these past four years I have been reading too many books for Uni and not enough for my own sake. I definitely need to change this, so I downloaded a bunch of books to my tablet.
Some more Christmas lights & McFlurry: My friend was craving McDonald's, so we decided to drive to the town next to ours and get some. They also had some lovely Christmas lights, it's a shame that it was raining. And Kit-Kat McFlurry is delicious.

So this was my week in pictures. 
What's the most exciting thing that happened to you this past week?


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  1. Super blogec. Raja berem, kaj počnejo druge blgoerke. :) Uživaj še naprej in želim ti srečno novo leto.


    1. Hvala in tudi tebi srečno in uspešno novo leto :)

  2. Moja miza zgleda kot da bi jo orkan zadel ko si makeup delam. In tudi jaz odlašam s pospravljanjem... XD

  3. Si imela zelo zanimiv teden. Tudi tebi želim srečno, posebno in uspešno novo leto :) xx

    1. Res je bil ja :) Hvala enako :)


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