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Friday, November 29, 2013

Hello lovelies,
December starts on Sunday! Christmas mode is officially getting activated. 
I don't know why, but this year I'm even more excited for Christmas than usually.
I want start decorating everything so badly, but of course my Mum doesn't let me, since it's too early and I do actually understand that, but I might just need to put a few sneaky decorations up in my student apartments.

But enough of Christmas things, currently it's time for monthly favourites. As you may or may not already seen, I had quite a few setting powders and concealers as my favourites, so I did a separate post called Currently obsessing over setting powders and concealers.
Other than that, here are my November gems:

1. Sleek Vintage Romance palette: I actually reviewed this one just a week ago, so you can read that here. I really think that this is a great palette for everyone. 

2.  E.L.F. palette with E. L. F.'s Pink Ice & Moondust eyeshadows and Woodwinked & Omega by M.A.C.: This is my every day palette when I'm at Uni. All the shades are nicely pigmented and they really go well together. And I can mix and match the combinations based on how much time I have in the mornings. I also find it very convenient that M.A.C. eyeshadows fit perfectly into these E.L.F. palettes, since they're so cheap. That is, E. L. F. palettes, not the M. A. C. eyeshadows.

3. Catrice Cosmetics Multi colour blush LE Rocking Royals (in the shade Punk Up the Royals): I was really drawn toward this blush for some reason and I've been using it loads. Especially the purplish shade. It's quite pigmented and it lasts all day on my cheeks. In the swatches, I compared it with the Illamasqua Morale blusher so you can see that they're actually quite similar. 

4. E. L. F. Contouring blush and bronzing duo (in St. Lucia): I've been loving contouring my cheeks and chin. I don't do anything major, just something subtle, but I do think that it makes a difference. I really like this E. L. F. bronzer, I don't find it to be too muddy or orange, it's easily blendable and if you want, you can always build it up.

5. E. L. F. Baked blush (in Passion pink): Another E. L. F. product? I actually didn't realise I have so many. This blush is the perfect every day shade. It gives you that healthy glow and all in all is a great product. I really need to get some others shades in the near future.

Well of course, you can't have favourites without lip products, can you?
6. Catrice Cosmetics Wet shine stain long-lasting lip lacquer LE Thrilling me softly (in Innocent): Now that's a long name. Again, something that really caught my eye. I just love these kind of shades, I think that they really suit me and I tend to always get compliments when I wear this one. It's very long lasting, but it can be a little bit tricky to apply. I find that it works the best, if I apply first layer, wait a little bit and that add one more on top. I'm actually regretting not buying the other shades that were a part of this collection.

7. Essence Long lasting lipsticks (On the Catwalk!, Coral calling & Wear berries!): I think I might have a little obsession with these Essence lipsticks. I currently own 4 from the regular line and 2 from their LE collections. They're creamy, quite moisturising, they last quite long on my lips and they're pigmented. Haven't said that, I do however think the Wear berries! one is a little bit less pigmented and it also doesn't last that long, but I don't really mind it. I've been alternating between these three shades all month and these will definitely be included in my 2013 favourites.

8. Maybelline Baby Lips (in Cherry me): On days when I feel extremely lazy or I just wear concealer and mascara, I tend to gravitate toward this one. I gives my lips just enough colour to brighten up my face  and it moisturises them at the same time. 

9. Catrice Cosmetics Pure Shine colour lip balm (in Don't think just pink): 
I know, I know, I already talked about it in my Currently obsessing over lip crayons post. But I had to mention it because I decided that if I could only have one lip product for the rest of my life, it would be this. There I said it. 
This is the perfect my-lips-but-better shade, it makes your lips look so juicy and I can't stop using it. I actually have to remind myself that I have other lipsticks that I haven't wore in ages. But this is just perfection in the tube. 

10. Body & Soul angled brush: I've been using this brush to contour and it's amazing. It's not too soft nor too harsh and it just makes blending so effortless and fast. I've also cleaned it multiple times and I didn't experienced any shedding.

11. Real Techniques Contour brush: I love using this brush for blending in my concealers and setting it with powder. It's just the perfect size for the under eye area and since it's so soft, it won't irritate it.

12. Artdeco Eye brow pencil (in 6): I've been also defining my brows a little bit more this month. Since my brows are naturally quite short, I've been drawing them in with this pencil and than going in with the E. L. F. Eyebrow kit to set the pencil. I think that this shade it's the perfect ashy, light brown shade for my brows and it's very pigmented and creamy.

13. Essence 2 in 1 Eyeliner pen (in black): I also started wearing winged eyeliner more often and have been using this Essence eyeliner pen to do that. It's not the best that I've used, but it's definitely also not the worst. Currently it does its job and I like it. I do however prefer the thin side for day time makeup.

14. Batiste Dry shampoo (Tropical): God knows why it took me so long to finally order this. I finally found a dry shampoo that doesn't irritate my scalp, it doesn't causes dandruff and it actually takes away the greasiness. Amazing.

15. Essence Metal Glam gold topper (in Stee-ling the scene): I'm actually having a little break from wearing nail polish, but when I did wear it, I almost always put this topper on top. It's just stunning. You can see it in action here.

Illamasqua Morale, Catrice, E.L.F. baked blush, E.L.F. bronzer

Woodwinked, Omega, Moondust, Pink Ice

Catrice lip lacquer, Wear berries!, Coral Calling, 
Catrice Don't think just pink, Baby lips, On the Catwalk!

I hope you don't mind this post was so long. It looks like it was a really good month.

Also, if you haven't seen it yet, I'm currently having a Giveaway.

What have you been loving in November?


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9 komentarji

  1. The E.L.F. eyeshadows look beautiful! :)
    I also have Essence's 'On the catwalk', it's such a pretty color!


    1. I love them, they're really great for the price, you can't really beat that :)
      I agree :)

  2. Hi there! I'm running a giveaway on my blog and was wondering if you're interested. You get the chance to win either $50 or $30 to spend on! Link here

    If you're not interested then please ignore this message. Have a nice day! ♥

  3. Super favoriti. Nekaj od teh, ki si jih omenila, je tudi med mojimi najljubšimi (Essence šminke, Sleek paleta, Essence topper ...). Jaz tale Body&Soul čopič uporabljam za highlight in mi je odličen, moram ga probati še za kontuiranje. :)

    1. Ja, tile izdelki so res super :)
      Za highlight pa vem, da je tudi odličen ja, ker za to uporabljam podoben čopič, samo da je iz DMa :)

  4. Tale Catrice lip balm so res zakon :)


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