Top picks for Autumn: Lipsticks

Saturday, October 19, 2013

Hello ladies, today I'm back with part 2 of my Top picks for Autumn and it's going to be all about lipsticks. 
This post will be picture heavy, but I hope you won't mind.. If you would like me to review a specific lipstick, just let me know and I'll do it. 

In the Summer, I'm all about wearing bright and vibrant colours and I try to go a little bit darker and more neutral in the Autumn and Winter. I wear more nude and berry lipsticks and I'll show you my ten favourites. Most of them tend to receive more love in the colder months, but there are also a few of my year-round favourites included.

Let's start with the nude ones, shall we.

Essence Natural Beauty

E. L. F. Matte lip colour in Tea Rose

Essence Stay matt lip cream in Soft Nude

And continue with berry shades:

Oriflame Cerise Pink

MUA shade 2

Essence Wear Berries!

Manhattan X-treme last & shine in 56U

Last but not least red (ish) shades.

MUA shade 10

L'oreal Color Richie serum in Radiant Plum

M. A. C. Russian Red

So here you have it, my 10 favourite lipstick for Autumn. Part 3 is going to be about nail polishes, hopefully some time soon. I just have to find a way to narrow them down. I own too many of them and I'm also really indecisive.
Please share your favourite ones. I need to go on a lipstick hunt soon.


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14 komentarji

  1. What a great post. What a great idea of placing the swatches and lip photos together, really effective and useful. This post must have taken you a long time to do...luckily I have several of your choices, so I feel confident that I have enough lippies to see me through the autumn! Thanks x

    1. Thanks for your lovely comment. I'm glad you liked it and that you appreciate my effort :)

  2. This is such a great idea and I love your choices :) I must admit to the Essence soft nude one being my fave but they are all such pretty shades!

    1. Thanks and I have to admit that Soft nude is also one of my favourites :) I'm just completely in love with the formula of these Stay matt lip creams :)

  3. Wow, Mac mi je prekrasen, gre na WL. Mi je pa všeč tvoja izbira, pri meni bi verjetno bolj prevladovale vijola šminke to jesen, ker jih res rada nosim. :)

    1. Tale MACova šminka je brez dvoma vredna nakupa :) Morem malo pregledat ponudbo vijola šmink, ker bi rada dodala še kakšno novo v mojo zbirko :)

  4. Lovely post! I love the MUA shade 2 and Oriflame shades they are very pretty.

    Great blog, I'm a new follower! :)

    Kimberley x

  5. I love the colour of the Essence soft nude lipstick!
    Looks amazing for autumn :)


  6. Koliko šmink in kako lepo. Ti prav zavidam (:

    1. Hvala. Priznam, da je to le en majhen delček vseh :$

  7. Uau tale Russian Red je pa res močna, hudo! :)


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