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Tuesday, October 01, 2013

Hello lovelies, hope you all had a great day.

I just wanted to write a quick update for all of you, because I feel like I owe you an explanation since you're always so sweet in the comments section. 
Today was the first day back at Uni and it's actually my last year (hurray). Today was also the day I officially moved into a new apartment.
For three years I lived in an area that was extremely close to my Uni. I really liked it, because I could sleep in, and then ran to the classes if I had to. It also meant, that I didn't have to use public transport, which I really, really don't like. 
This has changed this year, I now live more far away, which means less sleep in the mornings and using public transport every day. I can tell you that I'm not happy with either. 
So today wasn't really a good day. It was actually hectic. 
I wasn't feeling great from the start and it all went downhill when I had to wait an hour and a half to get my monthly ticket for the bus. Then I spent the rest of the day unpacking, which is one of the things I hate the most. Now, I finally can say that almost everything is in the right place and I'm ready to start this school year.

But that's not the point of this post, even though it felt nice letting it all out.
  •  I wanted to let you know that this week I won't be post anything. I'll probably be back with a new post on Sunday.
  • I also wanted to let you know that the posts probably won't be on schedule like they were until now. I'm still planning on posting like I usually do; Tuesday, Friday and Sunday, but I'm not making any promises.
    Hopefully, I'll be able to put up three new posts a week, even if it means on different days.
    My timetable for the first semester is a little cray, cray, I have classes from 8am-4pm almost every day, but my second semester is more relaxed so I'm looking forward to that.
  • It can also happen that I take a week or so off, once in a while, if I get overloaded with all the school work and my diploma.
    I'm working on some better organization to help me keep up with both, so hopefully I'll manage to find a way that will work for me.

I think that this is all that I wanted to tell you.
Have a greet week and I'll talk to you on Sunday. Also if you have any requests for blog post, feel free to let me know. 


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15 komentarji

  1. Ti kr pridno študirej, te bomo 'počakali'... :D

  2. Thanks for this update! First of all, congratulations on being in your last year of uni! It sucks that you had to move to an appartment more far away from your uni :( I hate taking public transport as well!

    I had my results a few weeks ago: I have to redo 4 disciplines of my first year, which means my internship from my second year is postponed to next year (and the internship of my third year will be postponed to a fourth year). They always have to make it so difficult!

    Take your time with writing blogposts, we all understand :) I always look forward to your next blogpost <3


    1. Thank you Astrid, you're always so sweet. Really appreciate your comments :)
      Yeah I agree with so, that's why I can't wait to finish everything. I'm really over Uni at the moment.

  3. Hvala za razlago, mpak res nikamor ne bomo pobegnili :P

    1. Ma, rada vas redno obveščam :P Drugače pa super, da boste ostali :)

  4. I've awarded you the versatile bloggers award! Take a look - http://www.unstitchedandfabulous.blogspot.co.uk/2013/10/the-versatile-blogger-award.html

    Jess x

  5. Loads of big changes for you, congrats!

    1. Thanks, hopefully they'll turn out to be positive :)

  6. Congrats za zadnje leto in čisto razumljivo je, da ima študij prednost, mi bomo že počakali na tvoje poste, kadarkoli že bojo :)

    1. Hvala, ampak sej morem bit kmalu nazaj, ker me blog vsaj malo razvedri :D

  7. Sorry your apartment is so far! I remember having to travel for college and it was such a pain carrying all of my books.... yet alone if I forgot something lol


    1. Yeah it sucks, but at least I have time to listen to music :)

  8. Ooh lots of big changes - don't put too much pressure on yourself and we will be here waiting when you come back :)

    Emma | Fluff and Fripperies


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