Review+Swatches: KIKO nail lacquers

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Hello ladies, 
today I'll be reviewing the KIKO nail lacquers I got while I was in Paris. I'm planning on reviewing all of the nail polishes I bought, so there will be more reviews and swatches in the near future.

Keep in mind that I didn't use any top coat, and I used Essie's Nourish me as a base coat. 

 KIKO nail lacquer in 288:
This one is my favourite from these three. It's the perfect bubble gum pink shade.
It's opaque in two thin layers, and it glides on like a dream. The consistency is not too creamy or thick, but at the same time it's not too runny. It's very glossy, which I love.
It started chipping after four days, but I think if I wore a top coat, it could last longer.
I also got a lot of compliments on it, and every one was very disappointed when I told them that you can't get it in Slovenia.

KIKO nail lacquer in 359:
This one, on the other hand, is extremely creamy and thicker than the previous one. The application can get quite difficult because it can get streaky, if you're not careful. It can be opaque in one coat and it lasted three days on me. 
I had some problems with the brush, because it was shedding. 

KIKO Mirror nail lacquer in 629:
It can be opaque in one coat, but you have to be careful and apply a thin layer, otherwise it can bubble up, or you can be left with the streaky application. 
The consistency is the same as with the first nail lacquer; it's not too creamy and not too runny.
It dries to this semi-matte finish and it's very reflective, especially when the sun hits it. It started chipping after four day.
I think that this one will be great for doing some nail art or for accent nail, since in my opinion it's a little too much for a full on manicure, but I think that I'll be wearing it a lot in these upcoming colder months. 

All in all, I really like KIKO's nail lacquers. I now own four of them and I really think that they're great value for your money. If you're interested to see the forth nail polish that I own from KIKO, you can see it here.

Have you tried KIKO nail lacquers? What do you think about them?
Have a lovely day, 


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12 komentarji

  1. love the second color :)

    1. I have to admit that it's my least favourite one :) Glad you like it :)

  2. Gorgeous shades, I keep reading rave reviews on Kiko. I agree 629 is quite full on for a full manicure!

    Belle x
    Mascara & Maltesers

    1. They're really on fire at the moment. It's a shame that it's not available in my country :)

  3. love all the shades :) but my favorite is the shade #359! perfect summery color ♥ ♥


    1. It's definitely a colour for summer, yes :)

  4. Druga barva mi je najbolj všeč... Prvi je preveč roza. Tretji je pa v redu, samo se mi zdi, da pušča takšne lise na nohtih in me to malo moti, ampak za spremembo - tu pa tam so pa kul.

    1. Ja, pušča lise ja...moreš bit zelo previden pri nanosu, bom drugič bolj pazljiva :)

  5. 359 je prekrasen, najlepši od te trojice. :)

    1. Vidim, da ste vse navdušene nad njim :D

  6. Omg i love that orange!!!!!!!!! Its beautiful against your skin


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