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Sunday, September 29, 2013

Hello lovelies, 
last week I promised you a post about my recent random purchases. If I'm honest, I made quite a few more, but I decided to only show you my favourite ones. I don't know why, but these past month or so, I've really been into buying random bits and bobs that I mostly don't need, but I managed to find a way to justify them, anyway.

I've been on a hunt for a cute planer for months and I couldn't find any that I really liked, until I was browsing Instagram one day and I saw the photo Aida from Lollistick posted and I was all over her planer. Of course I had to get it, because let's be honest, it's gorgeous and it makes me happy to look at it whenever I need to write something down. It's from Paperblanks, if any of you are interested.
The next thing, I'm completely obsessed with. It's the Q&A a day 5 year journal. This was actually a part of my birthday present for a friend, but why not get one for myself as well, right?
I'm sure you know what it's all about, since it's been quite popular for awhile now, but basically there's a question for every day, you answer it and you do the same for five years. I hope I'll stick with it, because I would love to see how my answers change  or stay the same within the next years. 

I've also bought this Minnie Mouse binder, because I love the quote on it. I decided to transform it into my inspirational board, or in my case, inspirational binder. In here, I have a lot of different pictures that I found in different magazines and they represent the things that I like, would love to have or achieve and motivational/inspirational quotes and sayings. 

Sticking with the inspirational theme, I got this wooden sign for my room. I love wishes and I love dreams, so it was perfect for me. I have it on the wall facing my bed, so one of the first things I see when I wake up, is this.

I was in a desperate need of a new makeup bag. And I desperately wanted the Ted Baker Leda large bow wash bag but I was contemplating because the shipping would cost  £17. It didn't take me to long to decide that it worth it, but unfortunately it wasn't avaliable any more  I even wrote to them and asked if they'll get a new stock, but they told me that that's unlikely to happen because it was a part of their Spring collection.
So I posted this big polka doted one in Müller and I decided to get it, but I'm still on the look for one that I'll be completely in love with.
The next thing are my new precription glasses. I had to include them, because I'm loving them. I initially wanted all black, but then we all agreed that they totally washed me out and they made me look even paler. I'm so happy that I decided to go with these ones, I'm actually thinking of wearing them a lot more than I ever used to wear my glasses and maybe even take a little break from wearing contacts.

I needed a new bag for Uni, because my old one has seen better days. I wanted the Zara City bag, because my Mum has it and it's gorgeous, but they didn't have it any more, so when I saw this City bag with zips, I knew I had to get it. It's actually quite similar to the City bag, but less square and it has less compartments. You can see far better photos of the bag, here.

And some more items for inspiration. I bought a new bedding set, you can see it here. I didn't take photos of it, because I currently have another bedding on, and also it was very awkward to photograph.
To go with that bedding set, I also got these two pillow cases with Live your dreams, don't dreams your life, quote on it. I think they'll go great together and I can't wait to change my bedding to this. 

So that were a few of my favourite random buys. Hope you liked it.


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14 komentarji

  1. O, ti ga je ratal dobit :D cel post mi je všeč pa torba, posteljnina in dnevnik so kul. No, vse je kul :D

    1. Jaa, čeprav sem ga v treh različnih Felixih iskala :) Haha, super :)

  2. O kakšne lepe pridobitve! :) predvsem me je pritegnil tale "dnevnik" Q&A za pet let! zanima me kje si ga kupila in kolikšna je bila cena? :D

    Lep pozdrav in uživaj ;)

    1. Kupila sem ga na Amazonu, bil je pa £11 :)

  3. Tale planer izgleda odlično:) vzorec mi je ekstremno všeč:) Vse random stvari so super, še več takih postov. Drugače pa priporočam odmor od leč - ker sem tudi sama prej nosila leče in celo preveč. Zdaj imam tako suhe oči, da žal nosim samo še očala ;)

    1. Sem vesela, da vam je bil všeč tale post, mogoče jih pa res začnem bolj pogosto pisat :)
      O, potem pa morem resno razmislit o tem ja....

  4. The Q&A journal is so cool! :)
    I like the handbag too!

  5. Your planner is gorgeous!

  6. thank u for the lovely comment on my bog doll! love the items!


    1. No problem dear, love your blog :) Thanks :)

  7. I have just rushed to amazon and bought a Q&A Journal for my friend's birthday because it is PERFECT for her! I also bought myself one to help gain a little perspective sometimes. Lovely post :)

    1. :) Hope you two will like it :)


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