My lazy makeup routine

Tuesday, September 03, 2013

Hello ladies, 
today I'm going to share my lazy makeup routine with you. This is really basic and quick, perfect for those lazy days, or for the times when you're running late and you still want to look a little bit put together.

I always start with applying a concealer under my eyes and on any blemish that I might have. Since I want my makeup to be done as fast as it can be, I blend everything with my fingers. Today, I used the Bourjois Healthy mix Correcting concealer.
The only brush that I use for this lazy routine, is the Ecotools' bronzing brush to apply the Rimmel Stay matte powder. I usually only apply it on my T-zone and under my eyes to set the concealer in place.
For my brows, I use the Essence Brow desinger and their Lash&brow gel mascara, because again I don't need any brushes for this and it's faster than what I would normally do.
I alternate between mascaras and today I used the Deborah Milano Lash creator volume&care mascara. It gives you  quite a lot of volume and length, but it still looks very natural.
Then it's time to put a little bit of colour to my face. I alternate between blushes too, but I always go for the cream ones, since I can apply and blend them with my fingers. I chose the Bourjois Cream blush in 03 Rose tender, because it's currently my favourite one.
And to top everything off, I use the Coca-Cola Cherry lip smacker,  because it gives your lips a little bit of colour and it's also very moisturising.

So this was my lazy makeup routine and I have to admit, I use it quite regularly. Especially now, when I'm still on my school break and I don't really have the need to wear a full face makeup.

I would love to know what are your go-to products for your lazy and quick makeup looks.


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8 komentarji

  1. Gorgeous looks, wouldn't of guessed you had been lazy! You have a very similar routine to me for a lazy day look, that is if I actually manage to put makeup on!

    Belle x
    Mascara & Maltesers

    1. Aw, thank you :) I'm also very lazy when it comes to putting my makeup on :)

  2. Oooo super objava. :D

    Tale korektor sem zadnjič poskusila pri prijateljici in je res noro dober. Moj naslednji nakup, zagotovo. :)

    Drugače pa luštne stvari in imaš super lička.


    1. Res je dober, vendar je pakiranje zelo nadležno. Še posebej, ko ga začne zmanjkovati, postane skoraj nemogoče spraviti ga iz tube.
      Hvala Nina :)

  3. your blog is beautiful & your pictures are amazing, please check out my blog and tell me what you think & if you like please follow :D

    1. Thank you for your lovely comment :) I'll definitely do that :)

  4. Krasna izgledaš s tem makeupom. Ko se meni ne da ličiti, nanesem BB kremo, korektor pod očmi, rdečilo, balzam ali šminko, mogoče še kremno senčilo na oči in maskaro in vse to mi zna uspeti v petih minutah. :)


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