August and September favourites

Friday, September 27, 2013

It's the end of another month, which means one thing: time to talk about favourite products. 
I actually look froward to the end of every month, because it means reading posts and watching Youtube videos about other people's monthly favourites.
Interested to see what I've been loving the past two months? Let's just dive in...

I've already shown you the lip products and the blushes I've been loving in my Currently obsessing over: lip crayons post and in my Top picks for autumn; blushes post.
I've been also wearing mainly KIKO nail polishes. I also did a blog post on them, here.
Now onto the rest of favourite products:

My sister picked up this Balea Young Dusch-Schaum Erdbeer Traum. It's like you're washing your body with whipped cream and strawberries. It's delightful and I need to pick up another one, since this one is already empty.
When we went to Paris, I picked up this L'oreal Elnett De Luxe hairspray because I wasn't liking the Balea one and some of you recommended to try this one instead. I love it, it kept my curls in place even when it was boiling hot outside, it didn't make my hair crunchy or sticky. Will be buying the full size, when I ran out of this.
Also for the trip to Paris, I bought the Balea Oil repair spülung. I wasn't expecting anything from this conditioner, but I was blown away. It makes my hair silky soft, shiny and it smells like coconut. I also used it when we were at the seaside and it did a great job at detangling my hair. I need to hunt down the bigger version, because it reminds me of summer and the sea side.

I've heard some amazing things about the Balea Aqua Feuchtigkeits serum and of course I had to get it. At first I was a little bit scared that it won't be for me, since my skin can get quite oily, but I was wrong. It works great, and my skin has never felt so soft and healthy. I've been using this before my night cream and also as my daily moisturiser on my cheeks. On my T-zone I still use the Garnier Moisture Match for combination to oily skin because it helps with mattifying it. 
I don't think it's necessary to talk about Bioderma. I will only say that the first time I used this, it was like heaven on Earth. As you can see, I haven't used it a lot, since I need to finish other micellar waters before, but I can tell you that once I start using this one, I'm not going back.
A part from the lip crayons, the only lipstick I've been wearing is this L'oreal Caresse Rebel red. It's the perfect sheer red shade and it looks great when you're pale or when you have a tan.
And oh, so famous Essie's Nourish me base coat. Love it. My nails are growing like crazy, they're not chipping, and are a lot stronger. I wanted to really test it, so I told my Mum to try it because her nails are breaking like crazy, and it helped her a lot, also. 

Makeup wise, I've been obsessing over the Naked Basics palette, M.A.C's Woodwinked,  L'oreal Touche Magique concealer, Essence LE Fantasia highlighter and Bourjois cream blusher in 03 Rose Tender. 
I don't even think about which eyeshadow to chose, I just put the W.O.S. all over the lid, I highlight my inner eye corner and my brow bone with Venus, and I put Naked 2 on my crease. If I want something a little more shimmery, I just top it off with M.A.C.'s Woodwinked on my crease and I'm good to go.
Blending seems effortless since I've been using the M. A. C. 217. It's definitely worth every penny. I think that even a baby could blend your eyeshadows with this brush.
I think I already talked about how I didn't used to use a highlighter because I didn't want to be even more oily, but I found this Essence's highlighter when I was Shopping my stash and I've been using it since then. It gives me this healthy glow and it makes my cheekbones pop out.
The highlighter looks  amazing paired with the Bourjois cream blush. This combo looks so natural yet put together. I really hope we get this cream blushes soon in Slovenia, because I want more of them. 

I didn't swatch the Naked Basics palette, because I'm planning on reviewing it, but here are the swatches from other mentioned makeup products:

 Bourjois cream blush, Essence highlighter, L'oreal concealer

M. A. C. Woodwinked, L'oreal Rebel Red

Thanks for reading and leave me a link to your monthly favourites, if you posted them. 


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15 komentarji

  1. Sem tudi jaz kupila Naked Basic (celo z 20% popustom, yay!) in je res popolna. Točno take barve kot jih ves čas uporabljam :)

    Bourjoisov blush zgleda lep. Se odločam med tem odtenkom in št. 1.

    1. Bravo za popust in super, da ti je všeč :) Tale odtenek 1 je tudi na moji wl, ja :)

  2. Super favoriti! Z veseljem bi sprobala tole Baleino 'peno' za tuširanje, izgleda zanimivo. :D Jaz imam od Essie Grow richer in se mi zdi, da gre za isto stvar - vsaj zgleda isto. Se mi zdi, da tudi meni hitreje rastejo odkar ga uporabljam. S plastenjem nimam nobenih težav, razen na enem nohtu, ki je že tako malo 'slabši'. Tale MAC-ov Woodwinked mi je pa zelo všeč, ampak se mi po swatchih zdi zelo podoben UD Half baked (se ti zdi, da sta podobna odtenka)?

    P.S. Imaš eno manjšo pravopisno napako pri MAC čopiču - bleeding namesto blending. :D

    1. Pe še eno pri Lorealovi šminki, ki se imenuje Caresse :) Drugače pa jaz nikjer ne najdem tega essija pa se mi res nohti plastijo. sem kupila nekaj cenejšega pa ne pomaga :/ meni je bil tudi aqua serum ta mesec fav, prej mi je bil pa bolj tko..meh :)

    2. Hvala obema, sem popravila :)
      Maja: ja tale Grow richer naj bi zdaj bil namesto tega. Sem šla swatchat oba, in je Half baked bolj zlat in bolj shimmery kot Woodwinked, ki je bolj rjavkasto bronz :)
      Aida: Poskusi s temle Grow richer, ki ga je omenla Maja...

  3. Moram dobit tisto Balea "penico" za tuširat, izgleda njami. :)

    1. Tud sama jo morem poiskat, ker je v mojem lokalnem DM-u nimajo. Upam, da je niso ukinili, ker je res njami ;)

  4. Omg so many lovely products out there! I loved Bourjouis blush and essence highlighter combo! Also I use woodwinked eyeshadow and it's a real must have!

    1. Thanks and I couldn't agree more, Woodwinked is really a must :)

  5. Tale Essie podlak vsi hvalite. Trenutno se trudim ne zapravljati, ampak ga bom mogla res kupiti, ker znajo moji nihti biti v katastrofalnem stanju (čeprav so se trenutno res izboljšali). :D

    1. No, izgovor imaš že dober :) Sploh ti, ko imaš super nail tutoriale in swatche :)

  6. I very like this hair conditioner Balea ;)

    I follow you beautiful blog. I hope you will follow me back and I will wait for you in my blog

    1. It's very good and thanks for following, I hope you'll like reading my future blog posts :)

  7. that blush looks stunning!!

    1. It's gorgeous. Definitely buy it, if you can :)


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