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Tuesday, August 27, 2013

today I'm going to talk, or should I say write about the Smart lipsticks by KIKO. 
As you may have already seen in my Paris haul, I picked up two shades; 910 Baby pink and 911 Watermelon. Each lipstick was 2, 50 €.

L to R: 910 and 911

So what does KIKO say about them? Rich, nourishing lipstick. Full colour, total comfort.
Dense, nourishing texture with an ultra-silky and immediate smooth-gliding quality. The extreme sensoriality and soft consistency enhance the application experience and the resulting feeling of comfort. Thanks to the large drop-shaped lipstick tip, the colour is easy to apply and immediately adheres to the lips, defining them with precision. The adaptable intensity of the colour allows for a careful control of the finish and an immediately intense, long-lasting coverage. The combination of cutting-edge ingredients in the formula makes the texture comfortable, velvety and emollient. The extremely radiant polymers guarantee a pure, radiant effect, while the delicate vanilla fragrance makes it pleasant to use. The design is simple and elegant in terms of colours and shapes. The ergonomic shape of the lid, with an upper hollow, facilitates pack closure.
 Available in 24 shades, from the most natural and delicate to the brightest and most intense, with 3 different finishes: full, satin and pearl. Hypoallergenic = formulated to ensure minimum instance of allergic reactions.
Paraben free.Kiko)

My opinion: I have to agree, they really are rich and nourishing. They feel extremely moisturising on your lips and they glide on like a dream. They are very creamy and buttery. 
I also agree that they are easy to apply, especially the 911.
Both of them are quite sheer, especially the 911, but it's easy to build both of them up so that they become more opaque. I also agree that the design is simple and sleek, which I quite like, but I would prefer if you could see the colour of the lipstick from outside or something like that. 
I don't agree that they are that long-lasting. I would say they stayed on my lips for about three hours, but they won't survive eating and drinking. I also don't agree that they have a vanilla fragrance. The scent is pleasant, creamy, but I don't smell anything similar to vanilla.
Both of them are glossy, but not too shiny, and they're not sticky at all. 

  From top to bottom; 911 swatched once, and 911 build up
910 swatched once, and 910 build up

Now I'll tell you a few more things about each shade and show you swatches on my lips. And again, on the top the lipstick is applied once, and on the bottom it  is build up.

910 Baby pink:

910 really is a true baby pink. It's not as shiny as 911, it's more opaque and it doesn't have any glitters in it.
This one is a little bit harder to apply and touch up, since it's more opaque and you can quickly go out of lines.
I think that this shade will look great once I'm back to my pale, white skin. 

911 Watermelon:

911 really reminds me of Revlon's lip butters, but I would say that it's less sticky and a little bit glossier. It has small glitters in it, which I wasn't a fan of at first, but now it actually doesn't bother me, since they're not visiable on the lips. It's very easy to touch up, you don't even need a mirror to do it. 
In my opinion it's the perfect every day shade. 

All in all, I'm pleased with both of them and I know I'll wear them a lot, especially on those lazy days when I can't be bothered to put a lot of effort in applying my lipstick. They're also cheap and they have quite a range of shade, so everyone could find a perfect shade for them.
I really hope that KIKO comes to Slovenia in the future.

Do you own any KIKO lipstick? Or any other KIKO product?
Let me know.

Thanks for reading, 

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  1. woow :) 911 izgleda kot popolna barva zame :)

    1. Res je krasna barva, definitivno ena izmed mojih najljubših :)

  2. Obe sta mi zelo všeč. Jaz tudi upam, da Kiko kdaj pride k nam. :)

    1. Najboljše da začnemo s kakšno peticijo :D

  3. I do not have Kiko products but I have only heard good things about them and this lipsticks look amazing

    New follower via GFC and Bloglovin, if you have time and maybe want to check out my blog and maybe follow back

    1. I also own only a few items from them and they're really great.
      Welcome :)

  4. Tale svetlejša je fuuul lepa. :) Krasen odtenek.

    xoxo, F&C

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