NOTD: Essie's Exotic Liras with added sparkles

Friday, August 09, 2013

I haven't done a NOTD in awhile now and I thought to myself what better time to show you one of my newest additions to my nail polish collection; Exotic Liras by Essie. 
I got this one when there was an offer in Slovenian drugstores; buy one, get one from Sping collection for free. I decided to buy this one and for free, I chose Go ginza.

I started with my Depend Panthenol Strengthener which I love and I'm actually very impressed it didn't go all gloopy and weird like some nail polishes tend to do when they're running out.
I'm also back to using the Essence Studio nails better than gel nails top coat, because the one from Beauty UK just wasn't working for me. For speeding up the drying time, I also used a few drops of Essence Nail art Express dry drops

I decided to bring some bling into my life and sparkle up this manicure, so I used the Avon Color trend top coat in Silver Plated on the accent nail. 
As for the Essie's nail polish itself, I love it. It glides on like a dream, it's opaque with one coat, but I prefer two thin layers and hopefully it will last just as long as the other two that I own.

I know I'll get a lot of use out of this varnish, since it's one of those shades, I'll wear year round. I currently own three Essie nail polishes and all of them were a hit for me. The next one I want to get is Fiji. 

So what's currently on your nails?


I'm currently in Paris, so I'll replay to your comments once I get back. 

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12 komentarji

  1. Luštkano :) Fiji je tudi na moji WL, naslednji Essie ki ga kupim (ali pa mint candy apple) :) na moj nohtih je pa trenutno mint lak, čez pa zlat crackle :P

    1. Hvala. Tudi tvoja kombinacija se super sliši :)

  2. Love the colour and it looks so pretty with the glitter top coat.

    I haven't been painting my nails lately as I am doing a nail strengthening month with Revitanail. My nails have been growing seriously long since I started using it, I am well pleased :o)

    Jac x0x

    1. I agree that the glitter adds something extra :)
      It's always nice to hear that something is working :)

  3. wauu, like it!<3

    Fiji je pa tudi prekrasen in ti ne bo žal, če si ga kupiš. :)
    Jaz imam trenutno obsedenost z Essie laki in upam, da bo naslednji, ki ga kupim Cute as a button<3

    Na mojih nohtih pa je trenutno Essie Bond with whomever in na prstancu nadlak Catrice I'm Dynamite. :)

    1. Verjamem, da mi ne bo žal ja :) Tale tvoj Essie lak izgleda krasno, sem ga morala pogooglati :)

  4. I love Essie polish! It's the only kind I can use that will last at least a week without chipping! Great blog :)

    1. It doesn't chip on me as well :) Thank you :)


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