Just got back and I'm off again?

Sunday, August 11, 2013

Hello my lovely readers, how are we today?
I just wanted to do a little update for all of you and apologise for the lack of communication.
As you may know, I was in Paris from 31st of July 'till 7th of August so all of the posts that went up in that period were scheduled. I'm sorry I didn't replay to any of your comments (hopefully there are some comments, since this posts is also scheduled, oops) but I'll do that as soon as I return to my normal routine.

Now a random fact about me: my family and I have been spending some of our summer holidays in Croatia for the past 22 years and this year we decided that we won't go since we're currently in the process of building our new house.
This is obviously something I'm not used to, since there hasn't been a year in my life that I didn't spent some time enjoying different Croatian beaches and I was really unhappy with this decision. 
But after all, we just recently decided to go on a holiday anyway, so when you're reading this, I'll be enjoying some family time at the seaside.
 We actually left the day after me and my sister got back from Paris, so I didn't have enough time to schedule some more posts.
That's the reason for taking a little break from blogging. 
Hopefully just for a week or so. 
I'm planning on having a new post up on the 20th of August.
A Paris haul, of course.

I hope you don't mind this and will stick with me until I get back to my usual schedule.
 And if you have any questions or request for future blog post, please feel free to leave them as a comment or you can also e-mail me at addsomesparkles@gmail.com

I hope your enjoying your summer and creating amzing memories.



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  1. Replies
    1. Sem zelo uživala ampak na žalost se je prehitro končalo :)

  2. I'm looking forward to see your Paris haul! I'm so curious to see what you got :D


    1. It's going to be up next week :)


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