First impression: Essence Get Big! Lashes mascaras

Saturday, August 31, 2013

Not so long ago I picked up the Essence Get Big! Lashes mascaras. They were on some kind of offer in our drugstore, and you got two of them for the price of one (at least I think it was for the price of one, I'm not sure). 
I have never tried the Essence mascaras before and I love buying new mascaras, so of course I had to get them. 
In the package were Get Big! Lashes Volume Boost mascara and Get Big! Lashes Triple Black mascara. 

Writing First Impressions have become one of my favourite posts to do, so I decided to do it with these two mascaras as well. 
I didn't use an eyelash curler to curl my lashes before using them, and I had them on for 7 hours. 

 Top to bottom: Volume Boost, Triple Black

The first thing I noticed is that the wand on both mascaras is quite big and that they don't pull out a lot of excess mascara. 
I also noticed that the wand is not plastic. This is something I don't usually like, but I was interested to see if these two would change my mind.
As you can see on the picture above, both of them have a lot of bristles. The bristles on the Volume boost mascara are very close together, and more further apart on the Triple Black mascara. The wand on Volume Boost is also more rounded.

 Volume Boost mascara:
The mascara is not wet, the wand nicely grabs the lashes and it separates them. On the left picture I only applied one coat of mascara, and on the right, I build it up with three coats. As you can see, it didn't clump them together, they don't look spidery, they're still separated. 
It really gives you a lot of volume, but not any length, which is the thing I usually search in my mascaras. 
It did smudge a little bit after 6 hours, but nothing major. It was also very easy to remove.
I think that this one would be great for everyone that want some volume and I think it would work for everyday, simple makeup look.

Triple Black mascara:
This one is a lot more wet than the first one, but the wand still nicely grabs the lashes. But unfortunately that's the only good thing about it.
It doesn't really do anything, it won't give you any volume, any length, nothing.
It also starts to clump like crazy after the second coat, you can see on the right picture, how it made my lashes look all clumpy and spidery.
It started to smudge after 3 hours, and at the end of the day, I had a major panda eye going on. 
While removing, it turned to small flakes that got all over my face, but other than that, I had no problem removing it.
I would not recommended getting this one, it really didn't work for me.
I'll try to use it with combination of another mascara, but I'll probably just end up throwing it away.

Have you tried any of these two? What's your favourite Essence product?
Let me know, and if you have any requests for first impressions, just let me know, because I really like doing them.

Also, I'm sorry that this post is a day late, but yesterday got so hectic that I didn't manage to write it. But now you'll get two new posts two days in a row :)

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8 komentarji

  1. Volume boost maskara je ena mojih najljubših :) poceni, pa še dokaj kvalitetna za dnevni make up :)
    druge še nisem preizkusila, pa je verjetno po tej oceni in slikici tudi nebom :)

    1. Tudi meni je zelo všeč za vsak dan ja :) Pri drugi je pa res boljše, da si prihraniš denar :)

  2. Volume Boost izgleda res super na tvojih trepalnicah. :)
    Jaz trenutno preizskušam njihovo I <3 Extreme v pink embalaži in je res super. :)

    1. Hvala. Ta je pa naslednja, ki jo morem kupiti, ker jo vse hvalite :)

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    Katherine Unique

  4. Jaz nimam rada preveč velikih glavic maskar, ker mam dolge trpalnice in potem se popackam če nisem pozorna (:

    1. No sama teh težav ravno nimam, ker moje trpalnice niso zelo dolge :)


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