Review*: N. Nail Studs star & Circle glitter nail art decorations

Friday, July 05, 2013

Hello, lovelies.
First of all, thank you for an amazing feedback on my last post. I'm very happy that a lot of you found my first impression of the Essence make up sponge helpful.
Today, I'm reviewing two nail art decorations from the brand N. Nail. Awhile back, I was contacted  by an online shop called KKCenterHk and I was able to choose two products to review.
I decided to chose the nail art decorations as I always love to bedazzle my nails.

 The first product I chose was the 2.5mm Pearl White Circle Glitter. 
I really  like the packaging of this product. I think it's very convenient and as you can see, you get a lot of these circle glitters, so they will last you for quite some time.

Another thing that I really like about them, is the fact that you can wear them on both sides. So you don't have to be careful and you don't have to watch that you place it on the correct side.
As you can see, they reflect light and when the light hits them, they change colour from green, pink and white. It kinda reminds me of those disco balls.

I had them on for four days and only three circles fell off, which was quite impressive.  They also didn't catch on my hair or my clothes and they also didn't stick out, if you looked at my nails from the side.
All in all, I really like this product and I think the Circle glitters are a great way to add something special to your nails, especially now in the summer.

The second product I chose were the 3mm Gold Star Studs.
Unlike the previous packaging, this one looks cheap and it's not the most functional. You also get a lot less product, only 50 stars if I'm precise. (Yes, I counted them).

Also with the stars, you have to be careful to use the right side, because on the back side they are silver and have some weird lines that help with sticking them on your nails, I guess. It would be great if they were flat on both sides, you that you could use them as silver stars or as gold stars.

I used the same top coat with both nail arts, but these ones did catch on my hair and on my clothes, especially if I wore clothes with lace.
The first two stars fell after two days. After four days, half of them fell off and you could see that the gold colour rubbed off.

I really liked how the stars looked paired with white nail polish, and I know I'll eventually used them up, but I wouldn't really repurchase them, but I would repurchase the Circle glitter as I think they're great value for money and you really get a lot of them. 

Have a great and sunny weekend.

*The products were sent to me to review. I didn't buy them with my money. But that didn't and won't ever affect my opinion about the products in any way. The review is based on my personal experience with the product.*

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6 komentarji

  1. ful lepi manikura. obje zgleda fantastično. pri rpvi so mi všeč barve in kako si razporedila vzorček s krogci. na drugi pa no... barva in oblika zvezdic. :D upam, da narediš še kaj z njimi.


    1. Hvala, in definitivno bom še naredla kakšno manikuro in jo pokazala :D

  2. Wow, I'm glad to see that these last a decent amount of time! The stars I used for my nails in my last post all fell off within 1 day! I definitely need to check this store out

    1. Oh, that's a shame. If you want something that will really last, I would get the Circle glitters, because they really stay on :)

  3. They are so cool and love the nail art you did with them! :)


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