Review: Avon Planet Spa Face masks #2

Friday, July 26, 2013

Hello ladies and welcome to part two of Avon Planet Spa face masks review. Today I'm going to show you the other two face masks that I own and if you haven't see part one, here it is.

As I already said they are around 11€, but are on the offer most of the time. In the tube you get 75ml of the products. 

Greek Seas
What they say: Peel off mask with algae extracts.  Flammable, avoid contact with eyes.
That's the only thing that is written on the packaging and I'm not sure, but I think this one was limited edition, because I couldn't find it in the Avon anymore.

My opinion: I really dislike the fact that it doesn't have any instructions, so I just apply in on my dry skin and wait for it to be completely dry and then just peel it off.
The consistency is very gel like and the only thing you can smell is the alcohol. It feels very cooling once you apply it and has this particulars in it, that are supposed to be algae extracts. 
It doesn't get very tight once it's dry, and as I said, you just peel it off but those particulars stay on your skin, so you have to rub them off with water.
After this, my skin was very smooth and it looked more evened out. The next day my skin felt very moisturised, which is quite surprising since it obviously has alcohol in it.
I don't use this one very often and I don't think that is really that special, but I still like how smooth my skin feels afterwards.

Dead see minerals
What they say: Facial mud mask. Reveal soft, smooth and firm skin. This creamy mud mask absorbs surface oil and penetrates pores to remove impurities. Apply on cleaned and damp skin, leave for 5-10 minutes then rinse off. 

My opinion: This one was my first Avon face mask and because of how much I love this one, I decided to buy some more. It's my favourite one of the five and it's also the most used one.
It's very thick and the smell is not the most pleasant one, but what would you expect from a mud mask. It really opens your pores and you can see small holes where you have the largest pores and blackheads. It doesn't feel tight when it's drying, and it feels very smooth on your face.
When your washing it off it turns into this gel like consistency.
It really absorbs the excess oils on your face, it opens and cleans your pores. The size of my pores is reduced when I use this, I have a very soft and smooth skin that looks radiant and healthy.
The next day my skin tone was more evened out, I had no redness on my cheeks as usual, my T-zone was not oily and some blemishes that I had on my chin were completely gone.
I think that this one is great for the summer time, as my skin tends to get a little bit more oily and I also use it whenever I have a few pimples, as it always gets rid of them.
If I had to choose just one, it would definitely be this one. 

So that was my ''collection'' of Avon Planet Spa face masks and my opinion on them. 
Have a great weekend.


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6 komentarji

  1. I love the dead sea minerals face mask! Always clears my skin up when I have a bad breakout! Need to try Greek Seas peel off mask next for sure!

    Samuel James Morris

    1. It's the same with me, my holy grail for when I have breakouts :)

  2. Ta zadnja z mrtvimi morskimi minerali tudi zveni zanimivo. Zdaj pa imam kar veliko na izbiro, se moram odločit za eno. Kaj ti praviš, bi bila zame, ki imam normalno kožo, včasih malce izsušeno, boljša tale ali japonska?

    1. Mislim, da bo boljše japonska. Ker tale zadnja ti zna še dodatno izsušit kožo, pri japonski pa res ni občutka, da bi ti izsušila kožo, učinkuje pa prav tako na kakšne ogrce ali druge nepravilnosti :)

  3. oo te maske so res dobre. imam tisto z olivnim oljem in tisto s karatejevim maslom. odlične. :D mislim, da bom kupila še to z morskimi minerali, zveni res dobro.

    super blog. xoxo

    1. Meni pa ta z olivnim oljem ni bila všeč, je pa res da nimam suhe kože. Tole z karitejevim maslom pa morem prečekirat :) Ja, tale je res super :)


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