July favourites

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Another month has passed and it's time to show you which products I've been loving lately. 
I didn't include any lipsticks, because I've only been wearing the ones that were featured in my Top 10 lipsticks for the Summer. I also didn't include any shower related products, because I started with new ''series'', called Currently obsessing over, on my blog and the first post was a Shower edition one. If you're interested in checking that out, just click on the links.
Other than that, here are my July favourites:

Garnier Moisture Match 24h Mattifying fresh cream: I bought this one because I wanted to try some other face creams and this one sounded great. It doesn't really mattifies your skin for 24h, but that's ok, I never wear makeup for that long. I've been wearing this daily since I got this and I really like it, it makes my skin very soft and smooth. It also keeps my T-zone oil free and it feels very refreshing on the face. It also gives enough moisture to my dry cheeks. 

Nivea Stress Protect anti-transpirant: This has been a life saver in this heat. It does it's job and it doesn't leave any white patches on your clothes. I also really like the smell of it, it's not overpowering but it still has this pleasant, fresh smell.

Bourjois 1 seconde Gel texture nail polish: I'm completely in love with this nail polishes. I love their brush, I love the consistency of them, I love how glossy they look, how easy is the application, how long they stay on my nails....I currently have three shades; Turquoise block, Lavande esquisse and In the navy, which is the one on the picture above. 
I only wish we would have better colour selection here in Slovenia, but I'll definitely be hunting them down in Paris.

Essence TE Floral Grunge hair dye powder: I don't really know what to write about this product. It's just fun for the summer and I love how it made my hair look. Will definitely be using it more this Summer, the only down side is, that it doesn't really stay in your hair. You can see how it looks on my hair here.

Essence makeup sponge: I'm so happy that I bought this. It makes your foundation look flawless and it makes blending so easy. I also haven't used any other brush or sponge for applying concealer ever since I got this. And the great thing is, it works amazing dry or wet, because sometimes I'm just too lazy or I'm in a hurry and don't have the time to wet it. If you want, you can also read my first impression on it.

Real Techniques Buffing brush: This is my favourite brush from the Core collection and I've been alternating between this one and the Essence sponge when applying my BB cream and I love them equally. I don't know how I applied my foundations and BB cream before this.

Essence TE Me & My Ice cream blush: Oh my God how much I love this cream blush. It's amazing, it's so creamy and easy to blend. It just gives me the pretties, natural flush on my cheeks and it stays on for the whole day. Sometimes I also apply this, and then go and apply another blush above.

E. L. F. baked blush in Passion Pink: This one and the Essence blush were the only two blushes I've been using lately. They work amazing together, they work amazing on their own. Both are gorgeous and I would recommended to get them both. 

Essence TE Me & My Ice cream shimmer pearls: I won't lie, I wanted this because of the packaging and because they look so pretty. But actually then work great, they're not too shimmery and they give you that natural glowy look. I don't apply highlighter on a daily basis, because sometimes I think it just looks too much. But with this, it's not, because they're really don't make you look like a disco ball. They also smell amazing.

E. L. F. Eyebrow kit in Ash: I wanted this ever since I saw Shaaanxo using it. The colour is just perfect for my brows and I actually started to enjoy filling them in. I think it really makes a difference, now that I have a shade that suits them most. Also the gel is actually good, it really works and it makes your brows stay in place, but I do prefer using a clear mascara.

S-He compact powder: This one is actually a few shades darker than my usual skin, and I bought it last year when I had a tan. I was watching Lauren Curtis tutorial for pale skin and she talked about how using bronzers for contouring can look too much on pale skin and that she recommends using a face powder that is a few shades darker than your skin. And of course I tried it, and it actually really looks a lot more natural, and it creates this shadow effect. Since I have a little bit of tan going on currently, it's not working for me anymore, but I still use it if I want to have a little bit of contour or I just add a little bit of bronzer on top, and it looks great.


Victoria's secret Coconut passion fragrance mist and Zara's Black Amber: This two has been my go-to perfumes for the Summer. I prefer the Victoria's secret for the day-time and the Zara one for the night, because it's a little bit more heavy. I always get compliments when I wear them, which is also a bonus. 
I  just recently got the white Zara perfume, I think it's called Femme. Two of my friends have it and it smells so good, that of course I had to get is as well. Zara really know how to make some great and affordable perfumes. When you're in Zara, go and give them a sniff.

Essence shimmer pearls (you can't really see it),  Essence cream blush,
 E. L. F. baked blush.

What has been your go-to summer product?

I'm currently in Paris, so I'll replay to your comments once I get back.

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13 komentarji

  1. Najs post:) Si verjetno med redkimi, ki ji tale beauty blender dupe od essence ni takoj razpadla. Razno zdaj gledam da bi zase eno kupila (katerekoli že znamke) in praktično vsi reviewi za to od essence so slabi. Mogoče so pa novejša serija boljše.
    Tale Zarin parfum mi je padel v oči :)

    1. Ja, me je že Taja na to opozorila, ampak morem rečt da sm ga zadnji mesec skoraj vsak dan uporabljala pa se še drži :D Nevem no, mogoče sem pa js bolj nežna :P
      Ko boš naslednjič v Zari ga definitivno povohaj, meni res zelo diši :D

    2. Se strinjam z Matejo. Tudi meni je razpadel že prvi dan, očitno sem bila pregroba z dolgimi nohti:)

  2. Jaz bi zelo rada probala originalen Beauty Blender, ampak se mi cena res zdi malo pretirana. Mogoče pa bom tole od Essence probala... Pa e.l.f. blusher moram tudi poskusiti. :)

    1. Js sm tud razmišljala o originalnem ja, ampak sem s temle res super zadovoljna :D Pa še enih parkrat da lahko ponovno kupim, preden doseže ceno originalnega :D Ja, super je tale ELF blusher :D

  3. Tale od Essence blush zgleda fino. Sem slišala nekaj slabih ocen, tako da me je tvoja dobra fajn presenetila. :) Mislim, da ga bom v kratkem srobala. super post. Moram tudi jaz narediti svojega.


    1. Pomoje ti ne bo žal, meni je zelo všeč, sploh za poletje :) Le naredi ja :)

  4. Ah, Bourjois lak. <3 Vedno pozabim pogledati Essencov beauty blender, ko sem v Müllerju. Tvoja ocena me je prepričala. :)

    1. Da, da :D Vedno ko ga vidim na tvojem blogu se ponovno zaljubim vanj. Upam, da kmalu dobimo še kak nov odtenek :)

  5. The VS coconut passion looks divine...love anything coconut in the summer :)


  6. Všečen post in seveda super blog, sledim. :)

    Moj blog: http://pink-blescica.blogspot.com/

    xoxo, Anja


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