My pamper night essentials

Friday, June 07, 2013

If I was writing this post a few years ago, I would probably named it ''my going out essentials''. I was all about  going out every weekend back then, there wasn't a Friday or Saturday (or both days) that me and my friends weren't at one of our local bars, just having fun and having a drink or two (or three, four, five,..). 
This has drastically changed in the past year or so. Now, I rather enjoy my weekends at home, watching a movie or Youtube videos and just having a ''home spa''.  And as today is Friday, I thought I would share my pamper night essentials.

I always start with applying some kind of face mask, the one on the photos is from Avon Planet spa and it's their Thailand lotus flower for deep pore cleansing. The Avon Planet spa face masks are my favourite ones and *spoiler alert* I'm going to do a review on them, but it's taking me awhile.
While I'm waiting for the face mask to do its magic, I want my room to smell amazing, so it's time for Yankee candle's. I actually have quite a few of Yankee products.
When my face gets so tight I can't smile or speak, it's time to hit the shower. We unfortunately don't have a bath, but taking showers can be as great as taking baths.

The first thing I do is wash of the face mask and was my hair. The shampoo I'm currently using is the L'oreal Ever pure sulfate free Color care system moisture shampoo. I only used it twice, so I can't say if I like it or not, but I'll keep you posted.
Then I apply the Orofluido hair mask and I let it sink into my hair while I do the rest.

Usually I either exfoliate my body or I use one of the two shower gels I have for ''special'' occasions. Sometimes, when I want to smell extra good, I'll do both. Currently I'm using the Aldo Vandini Sauna body peeling with aloe vera and milk protein. I really like it because it's a little bit harsher then the one I was using before, and I quite like that.
Every time I want to smell amazing, I shower with either Victoria's secret Vanilla lace or L'occitane Pivoine flora. They both smell so good, really a-h-mazing.
 I also take some time to do some heavy thinking, as you normally do, while taking a shower.

I'll also give myself a manicure and pedicure. You can see my nail care routine here and for a pedicure I use the Avon Foot works Sugar lime mojito exfoliating scrub and the Balea exfoliating brush (I don't really know how this is called).

At the end it's time for moisturising. Now that it's getting a little bit warmer, I don't really like to apply heavy, thick body lotions so this Fast absorbing light balm from Neutrogena is great. And for my feet, I use the Avon Foot works Cinnamon orange moisturising cream.
And when I'm all relaxed and in my most comfy PJ's, it's time to watch a movie or catch up with favourite Youtuber's, blog's or TV shows.

So these were my essentials for a lovely night in. I would love if you would share some of your favourite pampering products with me and have an amazing weekend.


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  1. Replies
    1. Res je popolnoma sproščujoč :)


  2. I am completely with you - Now nothing beats a comfy night in, PJs on, candles burning - Something I LOVE about the Norwegian Winter is how freezing it gets outside and how nice it is just to lay in on the sofa with a yankee candle (Good choice by the way!) and the fire on and just watch a girly movie!

    1. You're so right, ahhh, I would love to experience the Norwegian winter, it sounds magical :)

  3. yum! xx

  4. There are some things that we cannot live without, even if it is the tiniest thing on earth. In this scenario, it is telling us that there are some people can’t live without doing their beauty rituals. This post is telling us that we need to pamper and groom ourselves.


  5. Dober obred, sploh tisti del z Yankee candles in uživanjem ob gledanju filma, mi je všeč :)

    1. Tudi meni je ta del najljubši :)


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