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Friday, May 24, 2013

Friday, Friday, gotta get down on Friday,...
Haha, no I'm just joking. I won't ask you which seat can I take, but I'll show you the things I bought this month. 
I was quite good and didn't buy that many new things. Hopefully, I'll be even better in the next month, since I want to splurge when I'm in Paris.

 Dove hair therapy Oil care, L' oreal Ever pure shampoo,
Himalaya Herbals gentle exfoliating daily face wash Apricot&Aloe Vera,
Afrodita young&pure Refresh toner

I bought this products because I emptied the one I'm currently using. I decided to try with new conditioner and shampoo, I heard a lot of good reviews on this Dove conditioner so I picked it out, and the L'oreal shampoo is new so I had to get it. 
I also repurchased my beloved Himalaya face wash and decided to try a new toner. I wanted to get one from Himalaya, but they didn't have it, so I bought this one from Afrodita instead.

Body&Soul Fan brush and concealer brush

There was a discount on Body&Soul brushes in Müller so I grabbed these two. I think that I won't like the Fan brush, because the bristles are very hard, but I'm hoping that they'll get softer once I give them a nice bath.

Deborah ShineTech gel like nail polish in 03, Essie's Bahama Mama,
Essence TE Guerilla Gardening in Mission Flower

Obviously, you can't leave the drugstore without some nail polish, right? 
You can see how Essence nail polish looks like here

S-he single eye shadow in 065, Essence eye shadow in Chill out,
 Essence TE Guerilla Gardening lip cream in Mission Flower, 
Max Factor lipstick in 665 Pomegranate, Essence lash&brow gel mascara

And here are the swatches of both eye shadows and lipsticks.
The lip cream and Max Factor's lipstick are quite similar, but they have different formula's, so it's all good.

Feel free to share your favourite purchase in the month of May.


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10 komentarji

  1. nisem nek fan lakov, ampak so mi vsi luštni :) očitno je barva ta, ki me pritegne, ker sta mi všeč tudi glos in šminka :D

    1. :) tud js sm trenutno udarjena na to barvo, sploh ne vem kaj je na njej :)

  2. The nail polishes are beautiful! And i really like the lip colors!

  3. Nad Dove conditionerjem boš navdušena, jaz uporabljam že drugo pakiranje in je eden najboljših izdelkov, kar sem jih uporabila za lase. :)

    1. Upam, ker sm vidla, da vas res veliko hvali ta balzam :)

  4. krasni lakci in šminke, sploh barva <3

    1. Vidim, da je res nekaj na tej barvi :)

  5. Vsi trije laki so čudoviti <3 Tole Dove zadevo imam pa tudi jaz na seznamu za preiskusit, sem ravno tako prebrala veliko pohval. Poročaj :)


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