Tuesday is a day for shopping; Accessories and make-up

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

So yesterday my friend and I decided to do some shopping and then go see G. I. Joe. It turned out that I did some shopping, she managed to prevent some serious damage to my credit card, and at the end of the day we were both too tired to go to the cinema, so instead we treated ourselves with some dessert.
I didn't buy so much beauty products to do a haul, so I decided to include some accessories that I bought, because I think they're gorgeous.

Ballerina flats from Deichmann, Infinity scarf and sunglasses from Ann Christine

 H&M ring, Bow earrings and gold earrings

Essence LE Floral Grunge nail polish in Be Flowerful, 
 Bourjois Mini nail enamel 150 years already in 2002 Effect 3D, 1879 Java and 2007 1seconde, 
Essence Stay matt lip cream in Velvet Rose, Avon Perfect kiss lip gloss in Succulent fuchsia

 Aldo Vandini Luffa facial scrub pads, Essence Floral grunge Hair dye powder,
Max Factor Colour elixir giant pen stick in Couture blush, Avon Eye shadow primer

Avon lip gloss, Essence Stay mat and Max factor Colour elixir

I'm planning on doing a review on the Avon eye primer, but if you would like to see a review on some other product, just let me know.


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8 komentarji

  1. kul šoping :) najbolj so mi pa všeč vse stvari iz 1. slikce :)

  2. I like the nail design!
    You bought really cute things ;)

  3. dobre stvari. :D
    rutka, očala in balerinke so idealen za zdajšnji čas :)
    bi pa imela te zlate uhane in prstan s H&Ma. .

    ful kjut zgleda vse.

    xoxo, Nina

    1. Res je, upam, da bom nosila ruto, vendar je bila tako lepa, da se ji nisem mogla upreti :)
      In pa hvala :)


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