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Friday, March 08, 2013

Firstly, happy Women's day to all of you lovely ladies. Be proud of yourself and be confident and remember; Who run the world? Girls ;)
Now let's get down to business. Today, I'm going to show you my current skincare routine, or maybe it would be better to say my night time skincare routine, since in the mornings I'm too lazy to do anything. I'm finally happy with it and I found the products that work really well for me and  I don't think that I'll be changing it any time soon.
I have a combination to oily skin (T-zone) and my skin is also extremely sensitive so a lot of products that I try tend to break me out. Other than blackheads and slightly larger pores on my nose and checks, I never had any major problems with my skin. Also the dark circles under my eyes are my loyal companions through life.

Warning: A face with no make up

Hello, bare face :)

 Bourjois Micellar cleansing water

You all now how much I raved about the Nivea Gentle eye make-up remover, well I think I found something even better. I saw this Micellar cleansing water on some blog and I thought I would give it a try and see if it won't burn my eyes. It's amazing, it doesn't irratate my eyes at all and your make up comes off like a dream.
So fist step in my skincare routine is getting rid of my eye make up, which I do with this Bourjois Micellar cleansing water on a cotton pad. If I'm feeling extremely lazy, I'll use it to clean my whole face, also.

L to R: Himalaya Herbals Gentle Daily Face Wash, Green line Natural clear cleansing cream + scrub + mask+ antibacterial effect and Refreshing tonic, Aldo Vandini Luffa facial scrub pad

This exfoliating face wash is the bomb. It's so amazing and I can see a major difference with my blackheads and I get less oily through the day, and I've been only using it for about 2 months now. It's says that it's for all skin types, it's soap free and the main ingredients are Apricot and Aloe Vera. 
I use this every day in the shower to take off all of the make up I still have on and to exfoliate my skin. Every two days or if I has a lot of foundation on, I'll use the exfoliation wash with the Luffa facial scrub pad and you can really see all that foundation and other dirt come off. After this, your skin will feel so clean and smooth you won't be able to stop touching your face.
Once a week, I'll use the Green line 4in1 to tighten my pores and to clear up the blacheads. If I have any pimples, I'll use the Garnier Pure SOS pen (I forgot to take a picture of it, but you can see it in my February favourites).
After all this, I'll end up with Green line Refreshing tonic that smells amazing and leaves your skin feeling very fresh and smooth.

L to R:  Afrodita Olive nutri care nourishing night cream, 
Himalaya Herbals nourishing skin cream and Under eye cream

Now it's time for moisturising. Like I said, a lot of things break me out, and one of those things are moisturisers. For this reason, I've been using the Afrodita Olive night cream for a few years now and I can't remember how many times I've repurchased it. It's an amazing moisturiser and your skin feels very soft and hydrated the entire next day. 
Since I ran out of my exfoliating wash, I went to Müller this week and they had a special offer; you could buy the exfoliating wash and the Nourishing skin cream in a package for 4,50€ (the exfoliating wash alone is priced around 5,50€) so I couldn't pass on this offer. I just ran out of the Afrodita cream and been using this Himalaya Herbals nourishing skin cream for two days now and I quite like it. I'm curious to see if I end up liking it more that the Afrodita one. The main ingredients in this cream all day moisturising cream are Aloe Vera and Winter cherry. The formulation of this one is quite different from the Afrodita one, it absorbs more quickly and it's not that thick. I can see myself using this one before applying a foundation, I guess it really is a all day moisturising cream, like they claim.
For my under eye circles I use the Under eye cream also from Himalaya (you can read a more in depth review on my previous post).

 L to R: Avon Planet Spa Thailand lotus flower, Greek seas, Turkish thermal baths, 
Dead sea minerals, Japanese sake and rice face masks

Once a month or every time I have a pampering evening, I'll use a face mask. These one from Avon Planet Spa range are my favourite ones. I think that this range of products is so amazing and the quality of products is something you would expect from some high end brand. I tried seven face masks from this range, and I only didn't like one of them (the Mediterranean olive oil, but if you have dry skin, this would be great for you). I'm planning on doing a more in depth review on them.

 L to R: Balea Vaseline and Figs&Rouge balm in Peppermint and Tea Tree

The last step in my routine is moisturising my lips. At night I use the Balea Vaseline or the Figs&Rouge balm because they're really hydrating and I wake up with soft and moisturised lips.

And this is my skincare routine. If you would like to know something more, feel free to ask me.


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  2. I usually do my skin care routine in morning or nooon . Nivea and Himalaya are good products :)
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    1. Himalaya is really great, I agree with you :)

  3. You look fab without makeup, what a natural beauty! Really love your blog Sanja x

    1. Thank you so much, you're so sweet :)

  4. Sweet post:) you look very pretty without make up!!


  5. Nice job on the monthly facial masks - those are some wonderful nourishing, moisturizing, and pampering skin care products that we often overlook. I love using a good clay-based deep cleansing mask after exfoliation. Thanks!

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  9. Te maske za obraz imam tudi jaz, dobila sem namreč testerčke v majhnih embalažah od Avona. :) Niso slabe, moram reči, sploh za z olivnim oljem mi ful paše.

    Dober blog. xoxo, Nina


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