Review: Aldo Vandini Luffa Facial Scrub Pads

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

I know that this post is a day late, but I was so tired yesterday and I had a terrible headache and wasn't really in the mood to write about anything. But here I am today, feeling much better and relaxing on this rainy day.
As I said before, I recently changed my skincare routine and one of the new things I added, are this Aldo Vandini Luffa Facial Scub Pads.

The packaging (source: Google)

In the package you get three of this Luffa facial scrub pads. You can use it just once, but I use my for multiple times, because I don't want to waste them and they aren't dirty or anything yet. I'm really sorry, but I can't remember the price, but I will check and update this post.

 L to R: A new, unused pad and a wet pad

What they say: The scrub pads for your face correspond to modern requirements of skin that is spoilt by care treatments for natural products. When applied wet the pads swell up and become soft and supple. In the case of the gentle scrub treatment dead scaly skin is gently removed and uneven skin is made smoother.
Results: Smooth skin that is well cared for.
Application: When applying the scrub treatment always omit the are of your eyes, as this skin is much sensitive that the rest of your face.

The comparison between an unused and wet pad

Here you can see, that once the scrub pad is wet, it really swells up and it does become more soft and supple.
My opinion: I won't lie, when I first opened this, I thought to myself; Great, once again I wasted my money on something I'll never use.
But how wrong was I. I'm completely in love with this product and I've been using it only for a month or two, I know that this will become a part of my holy grails. My skin is so much softer and every time I use it, it feels like my skin feels extremely clean and fresh.
Even though my skin is very sensitive and breaks out easily if I use something new or harsh, I had no problem with this.

 A pad with my daily Himalaya scrub on

I don't use it every day because I don't want to exfoliate my skin too much, so usually I use it every other day and on days I wear a lot of make up. I add some of my Himalaya daily wash (You can see it in my Skincare routine) and with circular motions I start to exfoliate my skin and take of my make up. I usually start with my cheeks, then move to my forehead and the rest of my face. I  make sure, I don't use it too close to my eyes, because it would be too harsh on that sensitive skin.


I also gave one of this to my friend and she said that for now, she only used it once for taking off her face mask (she usually hates taking of her face masks) and that it glided off like a dream.
I'm so glad that I found them and I'll be repurchasing them for a while now, because I really like the way my skin looks and feels after I exfoliate my face with these pads.

I hope that you find this helpful and I have a cheeky post planned for Friday. I hope that you'll check it out :)


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  1. These look like a really good idea!
    I think i may have to try these! Did you buy them online or through a shop? do you know if they're available in the uk?

    1. They are. I bought them in a drugstore here in Slovenia, but unfortunately I don't know if they are available online or in the UK. Sorry :/


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