Get to know me #4 (50 random facts about me)

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Something extremely exciting happened today; I reached my 100 followers! I can't believe it. I was so overwhelmed when I saw this, I didn't expect that I would have so many lovely people reading and commenting. Thank you so, so much. I hope that you enjoy reading my blog and that you find something helpful or just something that brightens up your days.
Today is also the last Sunday in February, and with that comes the last Get to know me post. I gathered 50 random things about me and my life, so here we go:

  • I have this habit of cracking my knuckles and I have to do it several times a day, otherwise I get this strange feeling in my fingers.
  • Even though it's the third year that me and two of my friend are renting an apartment in Ljubljana (we study there), I have never spent an entire week there. If there's any chance of going home early or not going to classes, I'll take it and go home (I live an hour of drive from Ljubljana).
  •  I don't like being the one that starts conversations or the one that calls first, or says sorry first, etc. I don't know if it's the right time, or if I'm bothering the other person,...
  •  I love travelling and I can say that I've visited many different cities and states. Not enough to calm my wanderlust :)
  • I'm a very, very picky eater.
  • If I'm reading something ,I can't stop until the whole sentence is finished at the end of the page.
  • If I go out and have a few drink, I'm probably going to lose an earring. And 99,99%  is going to be the one in my left ear. Don't know why or how, it just happens.
  • I love nice and meaningful surprises. The best one was when I was away on a school trip and when I came back, a puppy was waiting for me at home. That was the biggest surprise ever, because I wanted a dog for so long, but my Dad was against it. Now he treats Daisy (the dog), like she's his child.
She was so tiny
  • If I could choose a dream job for my dream man, he would be a Cardiac surgeon and I don't really know why.
  • I already know how I would name my children, if I had a boy and a girl.
  • I love quotes; searching for them, reading them, writing them down, ... It's just so easy to find something that can exactly explain or describe how you feel or felt in a certain moment.
  • I get really into book or movie characters and I easily relate to other peoples problems and I imagine how I would feel in their situations. That's one of the reasons why I cry so easily.
  • I hate broken promises and stupid excuses. I would rather hear the truth and be upset than wait for something that won't happen.
  • My teacher in Primary school once told me that  I should know that the friends I have now, won't always be there and that I'm going to see who my true friends are one I get to Uni. She couldn't be more right.
  • I get very paranoid if my family or just my parents go somewhere without me. i think of every possible, horrible thing that could happen to them and I get so stressed out. On the other hand, I don't have a fear of something happening to me.
  • I always make a wish when I blow out my candles for my Bday. Yes, I still do it :) And I have wished for the same thing for quite a few years. I don't need to say that it didn't come true, do I?
  • If I could change one thing in my past, it would be to have more time with my Grandad. He is the person I miss the most and even writing about him, makes me cry.
  • I'm extremely close with my Dad's side of the family, but not with my Mom's side.
  • My parents aren't married, but have been together for about 25 years now. My biggest wish is to get married some day and family means the most to me.
  • I like cars and football. I have been into cars since I can remember, it definitely has something to do with my Dad being the auto mechanic.
  • I could never have enough handbags, purses/wallets or shoes.

  • Being at the sea side makes me the most relaxed and it clears out my mind completely. I think I could solve the world's greatest mystery while lying on the beach or swimming in the sea.
  • I used to be extremely shy and I never stood up for myself. Now, I'm a lot more open, I express my opinions and feelings and I can be even too sarcastic. There is one person I have to thank for that.
  • I'm scared that my past will always interfere with my future and that I lost my chances because I was too stubborn and couldn't let go of something that was never there. Sadly it's because of the same person as above.
  • I have so many unfinished businesses. I hadn't had a clean and clear end with almost noone. 
  • I just recently learnt how to whistle and I'm still pretty bad at it.
  • I can't stand watching horror movies. In my entire life I managed to watch four and I still regret it. I even got scared and couldn't sleep, when my friends were just talking about the Paranormal activity.
  • I used to talk and walk in my sleep. One time I even woke up in my closet.
  • My friend and I did the blindfolded makeup challenge and it's one of the funniest videos that I own.
  • One of my best friends has the same name as me. 
  • I used to swear that I would never go blonde and now I can imagine having dark hair
  • I would love to be an Interior designer but I don't have the skills for it.
  • When I was a few years younger, I couldn't wait for the weekend to start, so that I would go out and party. Now, I can't wait for the weekend to begin, so that I can be at home and do nothing. It's like I'm 80 not 21.
  • I love giving advices and I can be really harsh sometimes, but that's not because I want to be mean, but because I care and I don't want the people I love get hurt.
  • A lot of times I can't fall asleep at night and instead of doing something productive, I just lay there and think stupid things. In the mornings I can't get up and look like a Zombie.
  • I watch A LOT of TV series. When they go on summer/winter break, or in the worst case, end, I don't know what to do with myself. Usually, I watch an old show from start to finish or start watching a series that I don't watch already.

  • When I'm angry, I have the habit of slamming the doors and if I'm arguing with someone and they really get on my nerves, I tend to just leave in the middle of an argument.
  • I almost always sleep with my hair in a ponytail.
  • I can't sleep if someone is snoring and if you're snoring, I'll kick or yell at you in my sleep.
  • A lot of times I have really vivid dreams. And I remember quite a lot of my dreams.
  • I have never had a job.
  • Baking makes me happy.
  • I don't like hugging, I find it to be rather awkward.
  • I love scuba diving, it's just something so peaceful with being under the water.
  • I love being in the car and driving around, but ever since I got my driving license, I get easily scared when someone else is driving.
  • Whenever I read my old diary, I want to punch myself in the face. i can't believe how stupid I was.
  • It's very hard for me to apologise to someone. Not because I'm proud or anything, but I don't like the sound the word sorry has in Slovene (''oprosti'').
  • I don't know how I was able to spend around three years with one of my best friends. We didn't have an argument or anything, we just stopped talking to each other. If I'd lost her now, I don't know what I would do. We have so much fun together and most of the people that see us together, probably think that we're crazy. We really need to learn how to behave :D
  • Do you remember the friend that I mentioned in my Liebster awards with the last awkward moment? She replied to me and this past week we went for a drink. It was great seeing her again after almost 5 months and she did promised that she'll keep in touch more. Now, I'm making her promise public, so that I can blackmail her :D
  • If I want to fall asleep, I have to be in a certain position (the picture below): 
From Tumblr

So here are my 50 facts and once again, thank you so much :)


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14 komentarji

  1. love this!! a great post and well done on 100 followers :)

    Lauren xx

  2. Firstly congratulations on reach 100 followers :o)

    I had the names for my children picked out since I was 10 years old lol, I still have a couple in reserve but I have had all the children I am ever going to have now.

    I loved reading about you, I think you are a lovely person and your dog is super cute!!

    Jac x0x

    1. Thank you so much for your lovely comment, it really made my day :)
      Haha, I just hope my man will like the names, otherwise we're going to have a problem :)

  3. Ahh I had to crack my knuckles reading your first point, I'm exactly the same!

    Samantha xo

  4. Really enjoyed reading this and getting to know more about you! :)

  5. Really loved reading this! New follower :)

  6. Oh my gosh! Daisy is way too cute!!

    Emma xx

  7. I love reading these! Just because I'm so nosey. You've got a lovely blog, well done on reaching over 100 followers now!

    Lindsey. x

    1. I love reading them too, is nice when you see that some people have the same habbits as you :D
      Thank you :D


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