Nail polish swatches

Friday, January 11, 2013

In the last haul I posted a few pictures of new nail polishes and this week I got some more from, so I thought I would show them to you :)

 This ones are the all from the last haul I posted (except the blue one is from this week purchase):

 L to R: O.P.I.-The Living Daylights, Avon color trend-Silver Plated

 L to R: Beauty UK-Midnight minx set Nr. 46, NYX- Dark grey, Loreal-Scarlet vamp, NYX-Dance in Havana

From top to bottom; All of them are NYX - Woman; Purple Noir; Algae; Pure red pearl

On they had a special deal for 10€; you got the Beauty UK midnight minx set (6 nail varnishes), Beauty UK glam nail (top coat), Konad nail file and Konad 3D hologram stickers.
Unfortunately nail polishes don't have name, just numbers.

L to R: Black nr. 40, yellow-gold nr. 56, purple nr. 39, silver nr. 46 and red nr. 31

I like everyone of them, except the yellow-ish one. I haven't tried the top coat and the stickers yet.


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2 komentarji

  1. I love the ones in the bottom photo, lovely colours! Have you thought about getting a nail wheel, it would save you having to remove all of the different colours from your nails?

    1. Yes, I'm thinking about it for a while now, I just can't decide if I want to get just one (for random swatches like this) or to get a few of them (to have swatches of all my polishes) :)


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