Collective haul 2

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

This is the second part of the collective haul. It's time for make up products and a short review of them :)

 L to R: Figs & Rouge 100% organic balm in Peppermint &Tea tree and Cherry &Vanilla

I don't have a lot to say about this products except that they smell amazing and are one of my favorite lip products. The Peppermint one is already my second one and I can see me repurchasing it over and over again. I use it every night before I go to bed and if I have dry or chapped lips, I wake up and they are ''perfect again''.
Nyx blush is so pretty. I love the colour, it's not too shimmery and it looks really natural. The same is with Alverde blush. It was from their limited Ethno collection. You can swirl all the colours together and get a nice, soft pink colour or you can use the colours separately. I absolutely love the bronzer from the same collection. It's the perfect colour for my skin.
I bought the Bourjois concealer because I'm running low on the Rimmel one and I'm on the hunt to find something new until I go to London again. At my surprise, this is a really good one, it hides my dark circles or any redness on my skin.
I also bought the powder because I was searching for a new one and this one wasn't expensive so I would feel bad if I threw it away. But yet again, I was wrong. It works really well on my skin, and it doesn't look cakey or anything like that.

with flash - L to R: Avon color trend oil control powder in medium, NYX blush in Pinched, Alverde Rouge schimmer in Ethno quintet, Alverde bronzer in Pure earth, Bourjois healthy mix concealer in light radiance
 the same but without flash

I'm obssesed with lip liners. I think that the lipstick look so much better if you have a lip liner under it, and it lasts so much longer. I also really like putting lip liner all over my lips and on top a little bit of gloss and I'm ready to go.
The Nyx one is kind of a pinky - mauve colour and the consistency is perfect, it glides on so easily. I'll deffinitely be buying more of the Nyx lip liners.
The second one is a pinky nude colour. Perfect for every day.
Since every one is into a dark, vampy lips this autumn, I thought I would try it also. I like the fact that you can build this lipstick up. So it's perfect for more natural look and also for more dark, out going look.
The lipgloss is also from Avon and I have two of them. They are quite long lasting and they smell so good.
 without flash - L to R: Nyx lipliner in Citrine, Maybelline lipliner in Sweet pink, Manhattan lipstick in 56U, the same lipstick just build up, Avon color trend lipgloss in Watermelon
 the same, with flash
Since I have massive under eye circles and I always look really tired I used to use a white eye pencil in my waterline and it didn't look as natural as I would want. So when I found this one, I had to get it. It is one of my must haves.
I heard a lot of good reviews on Nyx jumbo pencils so I bought one to try it. I like it, I usually use it as a base or if I don't have a lot of time. But I wouldn't repurchase it or buy it in different colours, I wasn't that impressed.
When I bought some products from, I got the eyeshadow for free. I didn't use it yet and I haven't heard of this brand before.
Recently I started to fill in my eyebrows and I use this pencil from Essence. I like it, it does the job, it's cheap, not much to say really.
I reviewed the mascara on my November favorites, so I won't repeat myself :)

 with flash -L to R: Max factor Kohl pencil in Natural glaze, NYX jumbo pencil in Cashmere, Laura Paige eyeshadow in Wild plum, Essence brow pencil in Blonde
 the same, without flash

L to R: Ecotools Bamboo bronzer brush, Urban Beauty United Smokey eye brush kit (Tappered Blending Brush, Eye Defining Brush and Smudger Brush)

I also said quite some things about first two of the brushes. I don't really use the second and third one as much, because I have others that I like better.

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  1. I've heard a lot of things about that NYX blush. I think it may be worth a try! Thanks for the nice swatches! :)


    1. It's really good, you won't regret buying it, I promise :)
      Thank you, I'm glad you liked it

  2. Great post dear! Really like it! :))


    1. Thank you :)

      I've checked out your blog and it's so lovely :)

  3. The Figs & Rouge Rouge balms are so good. I had the geranium one but wasn't a fan of the scent.

    1. Yes they are :) I had the rose one and hated the smell too, but this two smell really good :)


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